Friday, August 31, 2012

Essie Nail Polish Summer Collection 2012

I am actually not too fond of nail products, since I have ugly nails. :(
I had a bad habit of biting my own nails since I was a little kid. It was my sisters (especially my little sister) who encouraged me to grow my nails, by stopping my bad habit. My little sister suggested me to polish my nails, so I would think twice to bite it, because it'll ruin the polish.
I've ever tried this last year and it was a success for a few month. I even bought an OPI Nail Polish that time, but I failed when I get bored with my nail color and started to bite the nails again ><

I am thinking to try again after a friend of mine gave me a nail polish as souvenir from his Phuket trip (YES!! The giver is a MALE, but not my boyfriend..) My boyfriend told me to appreciate his gift, so.. well.. I use it. Anyway.. Having just two nail colors isn't enough, so I bought another colors! And I choose Essie for having such lovely colors.. I bought this set at Azure ByHilda/Azure Beautystore for IDR 170.000/set (USD 17/set).

Essie Collection Summer 2012 Mini Set

Essie Collection Summer 2012 Mini Set - Colors Description

I took the pics last night, that's why they're a little bit dark. ><
In this package, I got four summery colors, which are (review link will be updated ASAP) :
-Bikini So Teeny - Light Blue, review here.
-Mojito Madness - Bright Green, review here.
-Off The Shoulder - Hot Pink, review here.
-Fear of Desire - Vibrant Orange, review here.

I'm really not good at describing colors, I'm sorry.. x( Just see the pics for better description :p
I personally love the Bikini So Teeny. I love all the colors, anyway.

Buying a 13,5ml full-sized of Essie product for me is a waste of money (and the product itself), since I got very tiny nails (you'll see on review post xDD).
My 15ml OPI, for example. It's been a year, and I (and my sister) only used about 1/5 of it.
By buying minis I could get more colors too, anyway, with just a little bit more price.. LOL

I will review the shades one by one. Just like what I said on my previous post, it'll take quite a while. Well, a certain color of nail polish isn't intended to be worn for only a day, after all.. :p
Well, stay tuned for each color's review, ok?

Reen <3

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