Wednesday, August 8, 2012

REVIEW : CURE Natural Aqua Gel

I've been very attached to Japanese skincare lately.. ><
They really have a lot of products for my super sensitive skin.. =D

One of my HG product, beside Kao Curel range, is CURE Natural Aqua Gel. It's an exfoliant/peeling product in form of clear liquid-gel.
CURE Natural Aqua Gel

In comparison with my Curel Kit

I got mine from Onikchan shop for IDR 330.000 (USD 33.00). You can find her on Facebook or you can also go to her Multiply.

CURE Natural Aqua Gel
Nett Contains : 250ml
Ingredients : Water (90.66%), C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Dicocodimonium Chloride, Steartrimoniumbromide, Glycerin (5%), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (<1%), Gingko Biloba Extract (,!%), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract (<1%), Butylene Glycol (>1%), Isopropanol (<0.33%)
Origin : Japan

**note : ingredients list is taken from CURE's leaflet.

I really love this product! It's similar to scrub, but it's very gentle as 90% of the ingredients is water. It'll come out as a liquid gel when dispensed, but as you rub it (in circular motion) onto your skin, it'll turned into small clumps, means that it starts to lift your dead skin cells.

CURE's original liquid

After being rubbed in circular motion.

The good thing, this product is also safe on acne skin! I've tried using this eventhough my skin is broken out (because of other products) that time, and it didn't make my acne went worse! I doesn't even make my skin turn red or irritated, unlike regular scrubs or peelings.

I use this thing on my regular basis, twice a week. I mainly use this to maintain my skin smooth and help me get rid of rough dry patches on my cheeks. :D
Oh! This thing also helps me to shrink pores and also blackheads. xDD
Amazing, huh?
I really recommend you to try this.. xDD
If you're not sure about the effectiveness, Onikchan also sell it at sample size.

Pro(s) :
-Good for sensitive, troubled skin
-Very effective

Con(s) :
-Quite expensive
-Hard to find in Indonesia

Reen <3

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