Sunday, May 5, 2013

REVIEW : Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in "Edgy Emerald"

Does this product still hot in the market? I remembered the time when people raving for this so much (including me). Even Christine from also give a good rating for this one. Luckily, my big sister bought me one during her trip to Singapore. I chose Edgy Emerald upon being asked which color I want.

So, here's my review!

As always, let's start from its packaging. The Color Tattoo range come in a thick glass jar with black plastic cap. As it's made from glass, no matter how thick the glass is, it's fragile; prone to break (or just chipped) when dropped. The plastic cap in my opinion looks fragile too. However, I love the labeling on the back of the jar, making it easier to see the color inside. As it's packed in a jar, hygiene freaks could find this one as troublesome, since you'll have to dip your finger in it. I'm not actually a hygiene freaks, especially because I always use my own makeup and tools, but you can use a cream shadow brush or a concealer brush as an alternative. I do use a brush! xDD

COLOR (5/5)
The Edgy Emerald is aqua green in color. Temptalia described it as aqua-teal. (I'm really dumb upon going with color description -.-). It has shimmer in it, a pretty one. It looks darker in the jar, but much a lot brighter upon being applied. Very pretty. The color is also highly pigmented in one swipe, but you'll need two swipes to achieve an opaque result. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo is very creamy and easy to apply, both with fingertips and brush. There's only slight difference in application result using brush and fingers; almost unnoticeable, though. The formula dries pretty quick, but not too fast so you still be able to blend to color nicely. However, I found powder eyeshadows become harder to apply and blend over this product.


Although claimed to last for 24 hours, I didn't really tested that long. Who would either? However, this product does last long enough without creasing, fading, or smudging. I wore it from about 12 pm until 7 pm and it stayed put nicely. (Usually my eye makeup would started to slightly creasing by this time). Nice <3

If you love experimenting with such bold and bright color, you'll love this. It's creamy, smooth, easy to blend, and pigmented as well. Be careful when handling this product, though, as it easily break due to the glass packaging.

I also pre-ordered another two colors; Tough as Taupe and Inked in Pink, but they're still on the way. I hope it'll arrive real soon, so I can play with them <3

Reen <3

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    1. iyaaa emank bagus banget... heheh
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