Friday, May 17, 2013

REPORT : MeganEvent Beauty Fair 2013 at St. Moritz PX Pavillion Ballroom

Folks!! I am terribly sorry for the super long wait! It's been almost a month since the event and I barely have time to write the report. I am a bad blogger >_____<
Well, better late than never, eh?

So the event I was attending last week is a Beauty Fair (or Bazaar, to be more exact) held by an event organizer named MeganEvent. The co-founders are actually bloggers too; Emily and Katie. There were a lot of vendors opening their booth on the event; from D'Eyeko Lashes, K-Palette Indonesia, BeautyTreats Indonesia, theBalm, Max Factor, Make Over, and a lot more. I was super excited. My mom and two sisters  were also tagging along me xDD

I was RSVP-ing for the morning event held in collaboration with Max Factor. It's a makeup demo, continued with a makeup challenge. I met Jesslyn, Fweegy, and Thea; other fellow bloggers there. Since it was still morning, there weren't too many visitors back then.

Attendees of Max Factor's event. Most of them were about to compete in Makeup Challenge

The makeup demo. Jesslyn, to my surprise, is the volunteering model for this demo xDD

The main theme brought out by Max Factor was "Seductive Makeup". Miss Rina (I believe it's the name of MF's MUA) demonstrated us how to make a seductive look without being too skanky. Since Jesslyn is a monolid-ers, I took a lot of note in my mind xDD you know my eyes are small, no?

FINISHED!! Jesslyn looked fabulous. Unfortunately, she wasn't smiling when I took her pic xDD

Eye details

Shortly after the makeup demo, the challenge was held. The challenge was about to re-create the seductive look demonstrated earlier. There were four contestants, each bring their own model and tools, but strictly ruled to use only Max Factor's makeup product provided. I didn't watch until the end, since I've already had to go x(( 

The 4 contestants and their models during the challenge

The Prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners

 As an attendant, I received a goodie bag filled with a Max Factor lipgloss. I got mine in a pearlescent champagne shade, which is good to coat my lip color to give a healthy glossy finish. Sadly I forgot to take the pic of the gloss.
Goodie bags from Max Factor

And oh! I almost forgot! Upon arriving to the event,each visitors received a goodie bag from MeganEvent themselves. There were only brochures in there,but there's also a Jordana lipgloss in it as a freebie. The drawstring pouch is kinda useful too, though. xDD

Overall, I was having fun quite much in the event. I also managed to look around the booths, but sadly since I've been very short on money, I didn't buy anything, although I really want to splurge on Make Over and Lipsense. x(( It's my mom who actually shopped; bought a brow kit from Wet n Wild booth xDD

I am looking forward for my next future events!!

Reen <3

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