Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RANDOM : Liebster Award

Okay, this is my first time posting this kind of thing. Kinda fun answering it, I guess. Thanks a lot for beb Oline, mak Bun, and Medina for nominating me <3 lol

Here are the rules!
  1. When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you and post the link to his or her blog in your blog post.
  2. Then, post eleven things about yourself.
  3. Answer the eleven questions from the person who tagged you.
  4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers, and link their pages in your post.
  5. Create eleven questions for them to answer.
11 Things about me :
1. A tomboy turned a "fake" lady.
2. Lazybum
3. Hate Cockroaches and any other bugs, except butterflies
4. Love cats <3
5. Would prefer high-end makeups than high-end branded bags or shoes
6. Love Maroon 5 and especially Adam Levine
7. I talked straightforwardly, and hate narrow-minded people
8. Have a curvy body and chubby fingernails
9. Gossips is my guilty pleasure
10. Love American reality shows such as Masterchef US, ANTM, The Apartment
11. Have talents in singing, acting, and writing. I should be a superstar!!!! xDD

So I'll be answering questions from Medina from Nothing But Love Handles first;

1. Describe your make-up style 
-Sweet, colorful, sexy lol

2. What items are in your everyday bag
-Wallet, makeup pouch, pocketbac, keys, and tissues

3. Five items that you always carry to the beach
-Sunglasses, a cute swimwear, sunblock, summer hats, and.. I can't think

4. What is your favourite make up brand
-Benefit, Urban Decay, YSL, Inglot, Too Faced, Wet n Wild.

5. Tell me one make up item you want the most at the moment
UD Vice Palette!!!

6. Tell me three items of make up products you cannot live without

7. Are you a dog or a cat person?
-I am a true cat person!

8. If you can choose to be someone else, who do you want to be and why?
-Myself. I just love myself whoever I am.. :)

9. Are you team Edward or team Jacob?

10. Do you think you will still be a beauty blogger when you are 40 years old? Why? 
Not sure, actually.. =D I might be busy raising my now-teenager children!

11. Do you believe in God?
Yes, I do!

Next, from my fellow blogger, mak Bun from Miss Bunny Beauty; she posted hers with Bahasa, so I'll follow:
1. Berapa lama biasa nya mandi? Ngapain aja segitu lama?
5 menit klo ga keramas, 15 menit kalo pake keramas.

2. Iphone atau Samsung galaxy ? Why?
Galaxy Note!!!

3. Benda apa yang gk akan lupa dibawa kalau keluar2 ?
Dompet & BB

4. Lo bs masak? Paling jago masak apa?
Dikit2 lah... masak nasi goreng ala gue sendiri, n masak spaghetti.

5. Pertama kali kenal make up umur brapa? Trus itu ud bisa ngapain aja?
Umur 14-15. Lupa tepatnya berapa. Pokoke kelas 3 smp. Ud bisa bedakan sama eyeshadow ngasal. Sama lipstikan juga.. wkwkwk

6. Apa film favorit lo?
Sounds of Music!! dari jaman masi kecil banget masi pake LaserDisc nontonnye. wkwk

7. Vacation destination impian kemana?

8. Barang apa yang nyesel telah lo beli? kenapa?Nggak ada tuh. lol

9. Kalo dilahirkan kembali pengen jadi cewe/cowo? Why?
Cewe tetep. Banyak spesialnya.. 

10. Pilih pinter tapi miskin / kaya tapi oon? kenapa?
Pinter dan kaya donk!

11. Siapa youtubers favourite kalian?
Michelle Phan, Promise Phan, Gossmakeupartist

Last is from beb Caroline, from Little Piece of Heaven
1. Tell me one makeup item you cannot live without!

2. Mascara or eyeliner?
err.. both, please

3. Your favorite brand of eyelashes?
Diamond Lash. They have cute styles <3

4. Dyeing hair, yay or nay? Why?
Yay! I love colored hairs

5. Cute things or vintage ones?

6. Loose powder or compact powder?
Compact. Suits my dry skin better.

7. Your most loved shopping place? Online, Offline... BOTH!!
Online : Drolly Pop, Drama Kitty Shop, POCOLOCO, TwentySeven Shop, Nona Lenongholic
Offline : The malls in Jakarta which have a ZARA or Mango counter in it!

8.  Your Favorite Blogger?
Local : Caroline Pitono, Sheilla Yulistina, Cominica
International : Temptalia

9. Favorite Makeup Brands
UD, Too Faced, Benefit, Wet n Wild, Inglot

10. How Many Lipsticks do you have?
14 at the moment!

11. Makeup or skincare?
Of course they're both important!

I actually have to tag other people, but I really couldn't think of anybody, seriously! Just enjoy my answers, ok?? tee hee.. <3

Sunday, November 18, 2012

FEATURED : A Hundred Giveaway from Carolinelle

This is my first time posting about giveaway. This giveaway is hosted by my most favorite fellow Indonesian blogger, Caroline. She's just 16, yet she's very cute and an expert blogger!

She's hosting this giveaway in celebration of her first hundred followers on her blog. You can also join the giveaway by visiting the link I provided on the left side of my blog! Good luck!

Caroline's blog :

Reen <3

REVIEW : Majolica Majorca Compact Powder Case in "Gold"- Limited Edition

As I've said in my previous post, I will show you the detailed look of my cute powder case. I bought it for IDR 150.000 (USD 15). Pricey T^T
My face powder is actually from AquaLabel range, but the case I love is this one, from Majolica Majorca. I mean, who can resist its cute design? I feel like a royal family member holding this super cute case. Okay, I'm exaggerating things.. lol
The case is actually intended to hold Shiseido Majolica Majorca Skin Remake Pore Cover Powder Foundation, however, any kind of Shiseido's powder can fit into this case.

[MINI] HAUL : Mid-November 2012

My latest haul include several beauty tools. These items arrived at my place this week :)

[SPECIAL!!] FOTD : Evil Fairy Look According to Me

Hey, folks! Today's FOTD's a bit different. Instead of showing my makeup-to-go, I am going to show my fairy look for IBB Makeup Challenge!

Actually this look intended to be an Evil Fairy look. However, due to my poor makeup skill, it turned out a lil bit messy, and I think it's not that cunning; like an Evil Fairy should look like.. ><

Monday, November 12, 2012

FOTD 10.11.2012 ~ Make Peace with Fake Lashes

I used to hate fake lashes. Really hate it so much. The heavy, uncomfortable feeling, itchiness like your eyes were exposed to huge amount of dusts and dirt... Eww... However, since I started to blog, my big sister -which is a huge fan of fake lashes- always insisted me to wear one, so my eyes would look more appealing on pics. So then she gave me several pairs of her natural-looking fake lashes she bought in Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately, I FORGOT TO TAKE THE PIC OF THE LASHES THEMSELVES!!!
Forgive me.. >< I'll do some review later!!

So then I test drove the lashes on Saturday. I picked Saturday because I'll be having a family dinner in accordance to my brother in law's birthday (his actual birthday happens to be on November 8th, the same day as my anniversary >.< Our family usually held a birthday dinner on the closest Saturday to the actual birthday date). My theme for the day was pink. :D

Sunday, November 11, 2012

REVIEW : Shiseido AquaLabel Moist Powdery in B010

I always have a hard time finding a suitable complexion makeup for my dry, sensitive skin. Most of foundations and powders I've tried broke me out, tiny cystic acne spread all over my face. The last powder I use, M.A.C Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder actually do a great job at keeping my face from breakout, however, they really have a small amount of product. I'm stingy. Spending USD 23 for a powder that only last for 2 months?? It's just too much ><

So I decided to try a Japanese brand, the brand I choose is actually Shiseido. AquaLabel range was more well-known for its skin care targeting womens with dry skin, and this powder also targets dry skin owners. It's actually a powder foundation a.k.a. Two Way Cake, which means can be applied wet as foundation or just dry as powder. I'd prefer liquid foundation, so yeah, I'm using it dry! Well, I hope this would last longer than my M.A.C.!

Shiseido AquaLabel Moist Powdery in B010

Saturday, November 10, 2012

REVIEW : Chanel Rouge Allure in #95 "Enjouee"

My first real high-end lipstick! My mom also have this lipstick, but in another color. I can tell because of its unique packaging. Mine, it's number 95 "Enjouee"

Chanel Rouge Allure in #95 "Enjouee"

Friday, November 9, 2012

FEATURED : Our 2nd Year Anniversary

I know this isn't beauty-related, and you might find this thing unimportant at all. However, I really wanna say to myself :


Yeah, today; November 8th 2012 is my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend. Just a short time, I know. But I do believe our relationship will last forever. We take our relationship seriously, and we've already consider about future marriage. We're both in our 20s now; especially my boy. He's already 24 years old. And me? I will be graduating soon. Marriage isn't too far.

Okay, let's dismiss all the marriage idea now. My boyfriend, to my surprise, take a day off today from his office. He's always a great actor for this kind of thing! He pretended he's at office, while then he called me at noon and said he's at my campus!! I have to admit that I'm really surprised and happy. Lol.

No anniversary presents this year. We did exchange gifts last year, but then we realized its not an important thing, so we skipped the idea of gift giving this year.

On evening, we went to Mall Taman Anggrek (TA for short) to have our dinner at our favorite Japanese Restaurant, Hachi - Hachi Bistro. We really love their specialty; fusion sushi. We ordered my must-have Club Salmon Roll, Black Dragon Roll, and Katsu Cheese Parmesan Fettuccine. We also took some pictures, but, since I only got my Blackberry with me, the pics I took are all not too good. Better quality pics are taken with my man's beloved Android phone; HTC Desire VC. 
Note : pictures from my man are watermarked with his name, while taken by me are watermarked with my blog link. WARNING!! Camwhore alert!!