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REVIEW : Shiseido AquaLabel Moist Powdery in B010

I always have a hard time finding a suitable complexion makeup for my dry, sensitive skin. Most of foundations and powders I've tried broke me out, tiny cystic acne spread all over my face. The last powder I use, M.A.C Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder actually do a great job at keeping my face from breakout, however, they really have a small amount of product. I'm stingy. Spending USD 23 for a powder that only last for 2 months?? It's just too much ><

So I decided to try a Japanese brand, the brand I choose is actually Shiseido. AquaLabel range was more well-known for its skin care targeting womens with dry skin, and this powder also targets dry skin owners. It's actually a powder foundation a.k.a. Two Way Cake, which means can be applied wet as foundation or just dry as powder. I'd prefer liquid foundation, so yeah, I'm using it dry! Well, I hope this would last longer than my M.A.C.!

Shiseido AquaLabel Moist Powdery in B010

Let's start from its packaging. Shiseido AquaLabel, like most of Japanese powders, comes with refill pan only and a sponge, while the case can be bought with an addition of money. To be honest, I don't know what its original case looks like! I've tried to Google about this product, but I got nothing :( The refill pan was made from hard plastic, instead of metal tin like other brands.

whoops.. there's my camera strap peeking in the pic. lol

The refill itself comes in a blister - red and white being their main color theme-, then wrapped in clear plastic. On the back of the blister, there's a dot markings for you to tear, so you can get its product. If you've torn it, you'll see the torn part would look like a lid. Like in the picture below. It's really convenience if you are yet to buy the case, like me!

The sponge that came along within the product is pretty good. It's a dual-side sponge; one side was made from.. well.. latex, maybe? (I'm not good at pointing out a material), which will be good if you apply it wet ( I called it "Wet Applicator"), while the other side was layered with a velvet-like material, good for dry application ("Dry Applicator).

Wet Applicator side

Dry Applicator side (sorry it's dirty >___<)

So far, I've only tried the velvety side of the sponge, since I'd prefer to use it dry. The sponge is pretty similar to Pigeon's one (Pigeon's is a local drugstore brand here in my country), which I love so much. However, I still prefer my own Etude House Doll Puff Sponge to apply this powder, so, the sponge from Shiseido itself is unused.

The shade I choose is B010 (As reference, in Shiseido the term OC is for the shades with yellow undertone; B is neutral, and PO is for pink undertones). The shade looks darker in the pan (and on my finger), but it's surprisingly blends on my face well. In fact, it's "disappears" graciously as I dab and blend it on my face! And, it also brighten my face feature a bit! 

Shiseido AquaLabel Moist Powdery - SWATCH

For coverage itself, I'd say it's medium to full coverage. The picture below shows the comparison between my two parts of face wearing this powder. On your left side (my right part of the face), I'm using the powder, while on your right side (my left face) is totally bare. I didn't use any kind of skincare or base makeup underneath. ONLY THE POWDER. You can see my right part has smoother flawless appearance than my left part. The picture after this one shows the products applied on my entire face. See? It's brighter!

The powder is really silky and smooth. It's also tend to be quite powdery, however I find it good, so my sponge can pick the right amount and it covers my face better too! It doesn't settle into fine lines or pores, so flawless finish is achieveable.
Also, despite its formula as powder foundation, I found out the powder's pretty lightweight and natural looking. The best part; IT DIDN'T CAUSE ANY BREAKOUT ON ME!! Yay!
Since it's a powder for dry face, I didn't expect much about oil control, but I found out this product can hold oil decently. I started to blot the oil on my T-Zone after about 2 or 3 hours of application. No big deal for me, but I'm sure oily face owners won't love this stuff. xDD

BOTTOM LINE (4.5/5) : This is a great powder for me. I'm pretty satisfied. The fact it didn't cause me any breakout just made me happy! I've ordered the case for it (I choose Majolica Majorca's case since it's cuter than any other Shiseido's cases :p) I'll definitely repurchase this stuff in the future!

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  1. wow, the result is silky.. hihi it's unfortunate that it comes in refill like this.. I'm a big fan of cute packaging too ^^

    1. well, the separate case and refill does have pros and cons. :p I'm still waiting for my Majolica case ><


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