Friday, July 27, 2012


Hello again, folks!

I'm not talking about beauty this time. I wanna talk about my favorite drink, instead.
Yeah, the title says it. COFFEE.
Not just a favorite, I'd prefer say that coffee is my addiction. I can't stand a day without a cup of coffee. My head suffered headache almost everyday and coffee is the only thing that can cure it. I feel like a Psyduck for having such headache.. :( That's why I said I'm a coffee addict.

I personally just love any drink contains coffee. Black coffee isn't my favorite, though. I'd prefer milk coffee or any other coffee type.
I have my own favorites in several coffee shops, namely the Hazelnut Coffee Cream from Starbucks. I love either the frappuccino one, or just the latte one.
My other favorite from Starbucks is the newest Mocha Cookie Crumble. But I still prefer their Hazelnut.

Another coffee shop I often bought my coffee from is Bengawan Solo Coffee (BSC or Bensol, for short). It's a local Starbucks-like coffee shop in my country. I didn't say that BSC is trying to copy Starbucks, since, as far as I know, they offer a different variants of coffee drinks. My favorite from BSC is Simply Caramel. I really love the taste of crushed coffee beans that is being blended along with other ingredients. The good thing, they serve it without my most hated whipped cream.
My other favorite coffee from BSC is Brandy Mocha. It has an aroma of brandy in it, but BSC claimed it has zero percent alcohol.
I don't really like The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf (Coffee Bean for short). I just don't know why. x(

Aside from expensive coffee shop, I do love brew an instant coffee myself too. In fact, I keep a bag of instant coffee in my storage. I even asked my mom to buy me an electronic kettle for me, so I don't have to go to the kitchen and boil a cup of water which takes too much time and energy. (My room is upstairs and the kitchen, obviously, is downstairs. I also don't have electronic water dispenser that can dispense hot water).
That way, I can also save my money from buying such an expensive coffee from coffee shops!
I usually keep bags of instant cappuccino and I've made my last one just yesterday. I then bought a bag of Nescafe Grand Latte just yesterday. Got myself a free small tumbler as a bonus inside the coffee bag! It's quite cute and pretty handy as a substitute for my Hello Kitty coffee tumbler <3

My new coffee and its free tumbler <3

Really love this coffee. I'm going to explore another kind of instant coffee after I run out my Grand Latte.. xDD


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