Monday, July 30, 2012

TIPS : Contact Lens Treatment

Contact lenses have always been a necessity for me, as I am a person with myopia. I can't stand wearing eyeglasses; I got headache easily while wearing glasses. I've been wearing contact lenses for years. It's been a part of myself.

But for some people, contact lenses can be scary. Mainly, they're scared to put "some-weird-stuff" directly onto their own eyeball. There are also some people whose scared to wear contact lenses because of eye diseases -few of them could lead to blindness- that might occur. The disease may vary, such as redness, itchy eyes, stings.

In my experience, however, the right treatment for your lenses would save you from such disease. Hygiene is number one factor you should always have in your mind.

1. Before handling your contact lenses, you HAVE to wash your hands and dry it with a clean towel or tissue. I don't suggest hand sanitizers (especially the one contains alcohol) to clean your hands. The alcohol contained in it might stings your eyes.
2. Keep your fingernails short, especially point fingernail and thumbnail, so you won't tore your lenses.
3. NEVER wear your lenses while sleeping, and never wear lenses for more than 24 hours without taking it off. Your eyes need the breath and your lenses needs to be cleaned DAILY.
4. If you're wearing lenses, don't stand or put your face (eyes) near extreme heat, such as BBQ grills. Contact lenses are made from plastic-like material which can be melted by heat.

While opening a new pair of lenses, you're not suggested to wear it on your eyes right away. The saline solutions that soak your lenses in their packaging contains preservative agents which could made your eyes itchy or stingy (especially if you have sensitive eyes).
You should follow these steps :
1. After opening the vial/blister, take out the lens and put it on the palm of your hand
2. Drop a few solutions on it, and then rub gently with your fingertip.
3. Repeat the 2nd step if you feel necessary before putting it on your eyes, but it is better to put the lenses in the case and soak it for a minimum time of 4 hours (or overnight) for better cleaning.

Wearing contact lenses for a long term (more than 4 months) might cause any discomfort in your eyes.
It was caused by lipids, dust particles which is accumulated on your lenses during wear time.
I suggest you to do some lens-steaming regularly to maintain its comfort.

These steps  is suggested by the owner of Dreamie Chuppa, a facebook-based online shop who sells Circle Lens from Japan and Korea. It is very useful to remove accumulated lipids that can't be removed by ordinary cleaning and soaking steps.

*What to prepare :
1. Lukewarm water (70 degree celcius is enough)
2. Your lenses
3. Your lenscase
4. Lens Solution

*How to steam :
1. Put your lenses in its case, soak with its solution and then close the case tightly.
2. Put the lenscase containing you lens into warm water, soaking it for a few minutes.
3. Take out the lens from its case, drop a few solution on it and rub gently.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for 2-4 more times for better cleaning.
5. Your lenses are now ready to wear.

I've tried these steps once for my new EOS Jewelry Grey, which, on my second wear, cause me a little discomfort, and it works greatly!! I also steam all my other lenses along with my EOS. I've committed to myself will do it regularly. ;D

I also suggest to do it for your newly opened lenses, or even your old lenses (which have been worn for months).
By doing all these treatment, it's not only preserve your lenses usage, but also treating your eyes.

*credit for these tips goes to Dreamie Chuppa. Thanks for allowing me to share this.

Reen <3

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