Monday, July 23, 2012

REVIEW : EOS Jewelry Grey

Hello, folks! I'm back for another review!
Sorry for late update.. I've been quite busy lately..

For this time, I'll be reviewing circle lenses. You know, since my early high school year, I've been dependent on corrective lenses, either contact lenses, or eyeglasses. I've been using contact lenses since the first time I discovered myself myopic. My mom didn't allow me to wear glasses back then, because she said it'll make my eyes look smaller than they were already. Quite a theory, huh?
But I do keep a pair of glasses -which I rarely wear- since I am also astigmatic. I haven't found contact lenses that have cylindrical power to correct my astigmatism.

So the lens I will be reviewing today is this one :

EOS Jewelry Grey

-Brand : EOS 
-Series : EOS Jewelry 
-Color : Grey
-Diameter : 14.80mm
-B.C. : 8.60 
-Water Content :45%
-Duration : 6 - 12 month
-Origin : Korea

I brought this lens at Tomatoonshop for a very special price!! I only have to spend IDR 170,000 (USD 17.00) and I got TWO pairs of lenses; this one, and a pair of GEO Magic Black CK-107 (Review soon). Normally, a pair of the EOS Jewelry only will cost you IDR 125,000 (USD 12.50) and the GEO CK-107 will cost you IDR 90,000 (USD 9.00). Pretty good deal, right?

I've always had a tough time finding lenses with colors that can be visible when I wear it. I have very dark-colored eyes, so most of the lens' color won't show up when I wear it. But this one is different. The color shows up prettily! So far, I only have TWO pairs of lenses which color are showing when worn, this one, and my i.Fairy Toffi Gold. I'll give a 10/10 point for EOS.

EOS Jewelry has a pretty pattern on it. It looks like a picture of sun, in my opinion. :p It also have just the right thickness of the black ring on the edge, for enlargement purpose ;D (10/10)

The diameter of this lens is 14.8mm, which is not too big for me. I never actually pay attention at the enlarging purpose, but when I compare this lens with my bare eyes, I saw it pretty enlarging. I haven't compare it with my other lenses, though. (9/10)

I've heard that EOS lens is famous for its comfort. And now I've proven it myself. Since I have a pretty high myopia, I always wear lens from I wake up and take them of when I am about to sleep. More than 12 hours, of course. And this lens actually just start drying at nighttime, after 12-13 hours of wearing. Within 12 hours of less, it's as if I'm not wearing any lens.(9/10)

This lens is my favorite lens at the moment, along with i.Fairy Toffi Gold. I just wear it once by now, but surely will wear it more often.. ;D

Here's some pictures of me wearing the lens!
Wear nothing on eyes
Comparison of the lens' diameter with my eye's 
Wearing the lens <3

And also, here's my FOTD wearing the lens along with smokey eyes look!
Army-inspired Green/Gray Smokey Look
On eyes :
-E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in "Sheer"
-E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit in "Medium"
-Urban Decay Books of Shadows vol. IV (Skimp for entire lid, Bender for upper lash line, Gunmetal for crease, Midnight Cowgirl for browbone, and Zephyr for tear duct)
-E.L.F Studio Primer & Line Sealer (Line Sealer side + UD BOS IV, shade Hijack for lower lash line)
-Physician's Formula Eyeliner Trio in "Black"
On Cheeks : NARS Blush in Deep Throat, worn lightly
On Lips : 
-Make Over Lipstick in "Nude Frapzz"
-NYX Retractable Lipliner in "Nude"

I really forgot which mascara I wore back then. x(
I created this look for my church's event; next year's youth camp & outbond. The dresscode for the event was jungle-inspired, or army look, which why I do makeup like this.

Well, that was my lens review + FOTD. ;D
Hope it'll be helpful for you guys!

See you next time!!
Reen <3

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