Friday, July 27, 2012

REVIEW : Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadow in "I Got Good Jeans"

I'm back, folks!
As I said on previous post, I'll review my Wet n Wild Eyeshadow today!

The product's name is Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadow. I bought myself the shade "I Got Good Jeans", since I haven't got myself a blue eyeshadow that time.
I'll call this WnW Trio, because the name is too long!

I bought this, along with the same WnW Trio in "I'm Getting Sunburned" at Keyzee Cosme for only IDR 65.000 (USD 6.5) for each palette! Really cheap!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadows "I Got Good Jeans" - CLOSED

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadows "I Got Good Jeans" - BACK OF THE PALETTE

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadows "I Got Good Jeans" - OPENED
I'm pretty sorry the palette is pretty messy and might gross you out. >< My face powder was shattered, and its powders was falling down and made my makeup storage quite dirty.. ><
I've tried to clean it up but it seems to getting messier... ><
I don't really like the packaging, but I don't hate it either. It's very standard-looking. Looks like it's not too sturdy too, IMO.
This palette is very pretty and the colors are pigmented. They're a little bit powdery, however. I always had issue with the CREASE color from both my WnW, they're too powdery compared to the other colors.
The CREASE color in this palette, which is a deep blue in the pan, looks somewhat blackish when swatched.
I love the BROWBONE color, actually. I think it's a dupe for Urban Decay Eyeshadow in CRYSTAL, which can be found in my UD BOS IV.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadows "I Got Good Jeans" - SWATCH ON HAND

WnW Trio is very easy to apply, and easy to blend too! But I find the sponge applicator and the slanted brush it came along with are pretty useless. They're too small.. >< So far I only use them to swatch them on my hand like the pic above.. Lol

Packaging : 3/5
Price : 5/5
Color : 4/5
Application : 4/5

Repurchase? Yes, in other colors. :D

Here's my pic wearing the eyeshadows.. ;D

Isn't it pretty? The eyeshadow, of course. I'm not photogenic so my face looks weird when being photographed. Sometimes.
(N.B. : I'm using my Holy Grail Eyebrow Mascara in this pic! Kanebo Kate Eyebrow Mascara in BR-1. Love it so much!!)

That's it for today review.. ><
Hope you enjoy it.
Reen <3

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