Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[EVENT] The Body Shop and Jakarta Fashion Week Bloggers Gathering

Hi folks! Long time no see. xDD My daily schedule is pretty packed since I am in exam week. x( Anyway, I received an invitation from The Body Shop for their most prestigious event (well, at least I see it that way), The Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 (JFW2013). As you may know, The Body Shop has been JFW's official brands for years. I was so happy to receive the invitation xDD I was told that I can bring up to 5 friends or social media followers, so bring along my sister with me. xDD

So, here I am, today, 22 October 2013, at Senayan City mall, ready to enjoy the event. xDD I was instructed to get only my complexion makeup done from home. I will do my eye makeup here in TBS's store. I am so excited to try on their newest product range; The Color Crush! Look at those pretty colors <3 <3

There are 30 shades of eyeshadows and 24 shades of lipsticks.

I am using : 
The Body Shop Color Crush Eyeshadow in "Sugar Gaze", "Sand by Me", "Brownie and Clyde"
The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick no. 205 and 201

 A part of The Color Crush Eyeshadows I used

The Color Crush Lipsticks I used

Here are some pics of the event.. prettt hectic that I can't take great pics xD


I am having fun anyway. XDD

Reen ♥


  1. wuiiih look so tempting xD Can't wait to try the new collection :D

    1. these range is super gorgeous! A must try, especially the lipstick!! <3 <3


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