Monday, October 21, 2013

[INTRODUCTION] Makarizo MK3 Color Revive Hot Ice Mineral Oil

Hi folks! Just recently I received a new product from Makarizo. It’s called Makarizo MK3 Color Revive Hot Ice Mineral Oil. A long name, huh? I’ll call this product “Hot Ice” for short.

What is it? Makarizo Hot Ice is a serum oil meant to treat colored hair, like mine. It is a very unique oil which needs to be freezed (for a short amount of time -2 minutes max.) before usage. This product came from Makarizo MK3 Ecology Color Revive Series. It came in a small glass bottle, a one time usage per bottle.

The main ingredients of Hot Ice oil is Castor Oil; which is very good to help repairing the damaged hair. Other from Castor oil, Hot Ice oil also contains Linseed oil, which will help to revive the hair shine. In short, this product will treat your damaged, color-treated hair; giving the necessary nutrition to the hair, making it smooth, easy to manage, as well as treats the hair color, making it lasts longer and shiny.

My hair has been really damaged after being “tortured” with chemical process in the past. I’ve also been dyed my hair since about a year ago, leaving the hair more and more damaged. It’s very weak, frizzy, tangles easily, and dull. T__T I’ve been looking for the right product to treat it, but I found there’s only very few products variants for color-treated hair, so I glad that I got the chance to try this product. xDD

I’ll be reviewing this product later on, after I tried them of course. xDD I’ll post the more detailed step by step guide and my thoughts after using this product on the next post, so I hope you stay tuned with me!

See you next time!

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