Friday, September 6, 2013

REVIEW : Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Hi, folks!!

You might be remember how my skin is extremely sensitive to acne and irritation. I don't even remember how many severe irritations I've suffered so far. T___T
Based on my skin condition, I've been looking for the most perfect skincare range that would hydrate my skin but not making it oily, and also a facial wash/cleanser/foam that would not dry out my skin even more. And I've found my holy grail skin cleanser now :

It's Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. The one I got here is my 2nd bottle of product, and yes, you're not misreading it; it is the largest size of Cetaphil cleanser that I have here (1 liter). I know it's very bulky that I can't even keep it in my bathroom -I have to keep it on my dresser table, bring it to the bathroom when I am going to cleanse my face, and put it back on the dresser after I finished- but at the same time, it's a money saver. I bought the smallest one in 118ml for IDR 98.900 (apprx. USD 8-9) and this huge baby is IDR 298.900. The price is three times more expensive, but you got almost ten times more product in it. 

Cetaphil is packed in a simple white plastic bottle with trapezium shape; narrower on the top part and wider on the bottom part. It has blue snap cap (smaller sizes) or blue pump (only 473ml and 1 liter size). The snap cap is pretty convenient as it's only dispense the necessary amount of product. The pump has a unique way to lock. While most pumps I see have a conventional "pump clip/stopper" that is clipped between the pump base and the pump head itself, Cetaphil's pump can be locked simply by turning the pump's head to the right. Turning the pump's head to the left will unlock the pump. It's pretty much like the water tap's principle. I haven't experience leakage or broken cap, or stuck-pump; so I assume the packaging's pretty sturdy.

This product is formulated without soap, which means it won't form any kind of lather/foams when you rub it. It's much more like a light kind of gel/lotion on skin. The no-soap formula will cleanse your skin without stripping away to much moisture (your skin would feel very tight and pulley when moisture on it was stripped away too much), which is perfect if you have dry skin (normal/combination/oily skin types can also use this however). It does not contain unnecessary ingredients -such as fragrance, and colorant- as well, so it's suitable for babies too (well, at least that's what Cetaphil claimed themselves).

Tthere are 2 ways to use this product :
1. With water. (Simply use it like a conventional wash)
2. Without water. (Much like a cleansing milk)
(see pic below)

I've never tried the without water method before; lots of reviewers said it did badly to remove makeup. (I always remove my makeup with cleansing oil then rinse the residue with Cetaphil afterwards, so I can't really tell too myself, but I do have hard time removing the smudged mascara residue). However, I have to say that this product does a pretty good job removing my Etude Drawing Brow AD from my brow, even without me removing it with cleansing oil before. 
Although it contains no soap, it still cleanses sebums and dirts pretty well. And my favorite part : IT DOESN'T DRY OUT MY SKIN EVEN MORE!!
Sorry folks for the capslock. xDD I am too impressed. Most facial wash, even the ones that claimed to be "the gentlest" would likely made my skin feels so tight, but not this one. I can still feel the moisture on my skin. No more tight or stretchy pulley feeling on my cheeks <3 It's really an awesome product! 

Aside from being a face cleanser, this product can also be used for body. I've tried once; when I got a set of really stinging scratch wounds on my decollete (using a conventional shower foam would sting my wounds even more, and I am afraid of it so I decided to bathe using Cetaphil). The super light formula gently cleanse out my skin without hurting my scratch wound. However I don't really like to use it for daily basis. It needs a huge amount of product to cleanse your whole body, which I think is money-wasting x((

Bottom line :
This is really a great product to be used for all folks with all skin types who prefers gentle cleansing. It won't dry out your skin. The price is relatively on average price point for drugstore brand. It doesn't do a really great job on removing makeup, so make sure you've removed them with a proper makeup remover before, but it is great to be used as daily cleanser. Once again I say; there won't be any foams/lather since it contains no soap, so it'll feel a little bit awkward at first especially if you're used to foams.
It's obvious that I'll repurchase this product again. <3

Have you tried this product too? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I've been eyeing on this products. Do cetaphill has its moisturizer?

    1. Yes they have moisturizer lotions too. You might want to check nearby Guardian or Watsons..

  2. Ordered this (since you don't get it where i live), after reading what you wrote. :) Can't wait to try it out

    1. I hope it'll work nicely on your skin! :)

  3. thanks for this review it really helped :D


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