Friday, August 31, 2012

REVIEW : Essie Summer Collection 2012 in "Fear of Desire"

The first color I choose to wear from this set.. :D (See the post of the entire set here)

Essie Summer Collection 2012 in "Fear of Desire" - MINI 

Fear of Desire is a very vibrant orange. It's seems darker on nails than what it appears from the bottle. It's pretty, anyway. It looks good on my tiny little nails :p
Essie Summer Collection 2012 "Fear of Desire" - SWATCH on nails

I know it's really messy, and my nails are sooooo tiny, please bear with it. I'm not good at polishing nails. (I spent 1 hours to finish all my 10 nails ><)

(I forgot to mention this on my post about the entire set, so I'll just tell you here!)
A bottle of mini Essie contained a 5ml of product, which means it contains more than O.P.I. mini (O.P.I contains 3.75ml of product.)

It's not too small when compared with a full-sized bottle of O.P.I. Sadly, my sister, who happen to have the mini O.P.I., has thrown away hers, so I can't compare my Essie with it
Essie Mini vs. O.P.I Full Size

About the texture, Essie "Fear of Desire" is quite runny, compared to my O.P.I Mermaid's Tears pictured above. The runny texture made me having hard times to get an even finish, although I have been very careful when apply it.
The brush, however, I love it. It's not flimsy or floppy, so it's quite easy to get a neat application. The size of the brush is just perfect, compared to mini O.P.I's brush which I hate so much.. ><

About the packaging, I have trouble with it. When I was about to fix my ruined nail last night, I am surprised to see the brush got off from the cap!! I can't figure why did it happen, but fortunately it was attached again after I re-cap and re-open it. whew.. However, like the square bottle design, with the brand name, "ESSIE" embossed on it.

Packaging : 2.5/5
Color : 4/5
Texture : 3.5/5
Application : 4/5

Reen <3

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  1. Nice color! I am thinking of getting this


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