Thursday, August 9, 2012

REVIEW : Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel [AS FACE PRIMER]

It might sounds weird. But on the other side, it might sounds just okay anyway.
I've seen a lot of people who're using this product as face primer. They even compared this to Smashbox Photofinish Face Primer.

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel

The packaging said it's intended to be applied on inner thigh, to prevent chaffing when wearing bikini. But, since the ingredients is kinda similar to Smashbox Primer, they said it's also good as face primer. Some people do suffer breakout using this product, I saw. But it didn't satisfy me if I'm not trying it myself. xDD

Since I've never tried Smashbox's before, in this review I'll compare this product with my old primer; Benefit POREfessional.

For price, Monistat is really a steal! I only have to spend IDR 145.000 (USD 14.50) to get a tube contains 42gr of products (bought mine at Drolly Pop), while Benefit POREfessional costs me at least IDR 320.000 (USD 32.00) for a tube containing 0.22oz of product. In short, Monistat only costs me half of POREfessional but I got twice as much product contained in it. What a deal!

For the formula itself, they're not too different. Their main ingredient is DIMETHICONE. I don't understand chemicals, but as far as I know, Dimethicone is a form of silicone. Monistat, however, contains less ingredients than Benefit, and also doesn't include fragrance, which could be better for sensitive skin. Monistat is also colorless, while POREfessional has beige shade that turns translucent when applied and blended on skin. This makes POREfessional is lotion/cream-like, while Monistat is clear gel.

Both products work similarly. When applied on skin, the texture turned from liquid/gel into a silky, powdery finish. In my opinion, they're not too great on minimizing pores. Just my opinion, however. xD


When applied on my super-sensitive skin, I haven't got any problems so far. My skin can handle dimethicone, I guess^^

In conclusion, I am really satisfied with this product. It's a real bargain!

Pro(s) :
-Doesn't cause breakout
-Works similar with my Benefit POREfessional
-Cheap (I really love cheap products!)
-Has a silky, powdery finish
-Odorless, colorless

Con(s) :
-Hard to find in Indonesia (unless you  pre-ordering it from online shops)

REPURCHASE? YES!! Absolutely! <3


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