Sunday, August 5, 2012

RANDOM : My Circle Lens Obsessions

As I've ever explained in previous posts, contact lens is a necessity for me, as I have bad eyesight and can't stand wearing glasses for long time.

At first, I really saw that a pair of contact lens that sells at >IDR 100.000 (USD 10) is expensive (stingy me :p), and buying a pair is enough as I could wear it for at least 4-5 months. I used to wear local brands of lenses (and still got a pair -that have yet to expired- with me right now)
I was also thinking that water content in lenses has to do with its comfort, which then I proved wrong after trying GEO lenses (and reading Dreamie Chuppa's notes). :p It's actually the brands that have to do with comfort, in my opinion.

Few months ago I bought a pair of i.Fairy Lens at Poppen Huis, and I really love it! Then I bought a GEO lens -in order to test that water content thing- from TomatoOnShop. And that was the time I started to get obsessed in circle lens. I currently have EIGHT pairs of lenses and will adding some more pairs. ;D

Soooo... My real reason for writing this post is.. I'm gonna show you my lens collection!! =D hope you won't get bored, ok? :p

My Lens Collections (and the cases)

Here's the list of my lenses, from top to the bottom of the pictures above, along with the shop I where bought these lens and price :
-i.Fairy Toffi "Gold", Poppen Huis, IDR 180.000
-GEO Xtra 15.00mm "XCK-105", Tomato On Shop, IDR 100.000
-EOS Jewelry "Brown", Tomato On Shop, normally IDR 125.000, but I bought it at IDR 170.000 and I got one more pair 
-Mibuki Aya "Blue", Softlens Asia, normally IDR 125.000, but I bought it at IDR 150.000 and I got one more pair
Details for 1st 4 pairs of lenses. Top - Bottom : i.Fairy, GEO Xtra Black, EOS Jewelry, Mibuki Aya

Details for 1st 4 pairs of lenses. Clockwise from the right side : i.Fairy, GEO Xtra Black, EOS Jewelry, Mibuki Aya

-BC Next Generation "Green", ITC Mangga Dua, IDR 150.000 for 2 pairs (each pair is meant for 6 months usage)
-GEO 14.00mm "CK-107", Tomato On Shop, the free pair I obtained at random with my EOS
-GEO Xtra Amor Ribbon "Brown", Softlens Asia, the free pair I got at random with my Mibuki Aya
-Barbie Eye Mirage "Violet", Softlens Asia, joint purchase with my little sister when she purchased a pair of Mibuki Aya lens and I paid half (IDR 75.000) to obtain this (free) lens.
Details of my 2nd 4 pairs of lenses, Top - Bottom : BC NextGen, GEO CK-107, Geo Xtra Amor Ribbon, Barbie Eye

Details of my 2nd 4 pairs of lenses, Clockwise from the right side : Barbie Eye, BC NextGen, Geo Xtra Amor Ribbon, GEO CK-107

And here are a few pics of me wearing some of the lenses.
Me wearing EOS Jewelry (detailed pic, you can see my review for this lens)

Wearing BC NextGen (local brand)

Wearing i.Fairy Toffi

On my NARS review, I wore one of my black lenses, but I can't remember which one ><

So far, my favorites are i.Fairy and EOS. Both lenses have color that will show up prettily while worn, just like on pics above.
I wear my BC NextGen daily, -such as on school days, or on the days I remained home- because it's very comfortable. Well, it's not like the others are less comfortable than BC. All my lenses are comfortable enough, with the exceptions for my GEO Xtras (XCK-105 and Amor Ribbon), which make my eyes blurry and tired after a 12 hours of usage. It's kinda strange since I have yet to experience any problem with my i.Fairy or Mibuki Aya which have larger diameters (GEO Xtras are 15.00mm, i.Fairy is 16.20mm, and Mibuki is 19.20mm)

I am currently planning to buy a pair of pink lenses, or maybe another blue? <3
Yeah, I know colors like gold/yellow, pinks, and violets are tacky, as they're not natural eye colors one would have. Greens, blues, and grays are also tacky for Asians like me, actually, but I don't care much. As long as they look pretty on my eyes. LOL.

Well, that concludes my post for today.
Thanks for reading!


Note : I also sell these lenses [Indonesian shipping only]! (except for BC NextGen, i.Fairy, and Mibuki Aya) please do visit my online store, Butterfly Beauty <3

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