Sunday, August 26, 2012

FEATURED : A Gift from My Man

Yesterday, August 25th, 2012, was my boyfriend's 24th birthday. However, unlike previous years, I didn't prepare any present for this year T^T... I really have no idea what to give him.. I am really sucks at choosing gifts.. x((

My Boyfriend xDD

We've planned a dinner, but since it was Saturday, we went to church first before dinner. (Both of us attend a Youth Service -held every Saturday evening- at a local church in Central Jakarta area).

Anyway... Although it was HIS birthday, I was the one receiving a gift from him yesterday >< Strange, huh?
I am really surprised when he show me the gift :

It's a necklace! It has a heart-shaped pendant. The heart is hollow, and a blue imitation diamond is filling the hollow. He said he bought this at Phuket Int'l Airport, actually intended to be a souvenir from his Phuket trip.
He gave me this just yesterday, because he said it is the right moment. (He always try to find a right place and a right moment -trying to be romantic- lol ><)

Pendant's Detail

However, thanks to both his and the seller's poor English, he didn't know what material this necklace was made from, although he said the necklace and the pendant is quite expensive. We afraid the pendant would eventually tarnished when soaked with water. I'll take it off when having shower.. ><

EDIT : I just found out that the necklace and the pendant is actually made from Sterling Silver! I spotted the code "925" stamped on the back side of the pendant. Then I remembered my silver ring also has the same code, so I Googled it and find out the meaning of the "925" code.. xDD I don't have to worry about tarnishing anymore. Yay!

The packaging looks kinda luxurious, a red box covered with velvet. The box itself also got and outer package, a drawstring bag made from velvet. Also red in color, just like any kind of expensive gold jewels. xDD

I really love the gift, I am a necklace junkie, afterall. xDD (but often forget to put on accessories when I am about to go xDD)
Thanks a lot, Nii <3 Happy birthday to you ^0^

Me and My Boy <3<3

Reen <3

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