Friday, August 3, 2012

My HG Skin Care : Kao Curél Intensive Range

As I've ever stated in previous posts, I have a terribly sensitive skin. Therefore I've had such hard time finding my HG skin care range, since my skin would likely to broke out.. ><

My HG skin care product was actually from The Face Shop, the famous Korean brand. I use the Hydra Ice Flower range and it suits my skin well. But sadly, I heard from Drolly Pop, my favorite Korean Cosmetics online seller, that the range has been discontinued.. ><

So I start to search a new skincare. It's not easy, you know.
For some unknown reason, my skin can't stand Western products very well. I think the formula is too heavy for my skin. Asian products suit me better. I've tried TWO brands famous for their skin care range for sensitive skin; Clinique and Kiehl's, but to no result. I tried Clinique's Moisture Surge and Kiehl's Centella Skin Calming, and both had made my skin breakout so badly ><
That's the reason I've been veeerrryyy careful when looking for a substitute for my TFS Hydra Ice Flower.

Until I stumbled across Nadeshiko Beautyshop (I've got a lot of beauty online shop here in my Facebook list ><) I asked for suggestion from the owner, and she suggested me to try either Rohto Hadalabo (she said Hadalabo ES series is the range for sensitive skin), or Kao Curél, in which I choose Curél, since it got a trial set. (It'll be a waste to buy full size products if it doesn't suit your skin).

The Curél range alone has TWO sub-range; the Intensive series, and and Whitening series. I choose the Intensive series, Trial Kit III : Rich. The major differences between Kit I, II and III is actually the purpose; Kit I is for oily skin, Kit II (named Mild Kit) for dry skin and Kit III (named Rich Kit) is for very dry & sensitive skin like mine. However, all the kit contains the same products except for the lotion, which is also numbered according to their respective series number and purpose.

I got this kit for IDR 285.000 (USD 28.50), which I said is a very great deal. While KAO claimed that the kit is for 20 days of usage, I think this kit would last a little bit longer with a really stingy user like me :p (Actually, not stingy. It just, I don't really like applying too much products on my face).

Here's the Kit looks like :

Here's a review about the products included in the kit : 
-Foaming Wash 90ml
It's a facial wash in a form of thin liquid, unlike other facial washes I've ever seen. The packaging is a bottle with pump-cap, which turns the wash into foam (hence the product name). I really love this product, it cleans my skin perfectly without making my skin feels extremely tight. I used it at least once a day; usually after removing my make up.

-Makeup Cleansing Gel 30g
This fragrance-free gel is very thick in texture, just like a cream. It's a little bit oily too. The instruction said to apply an almond-sized of this gel for whole face (including eyes area), but I only need a pea-sized for my entire face! I usually use this to remove makeup, before washing my face with the foam.

-Moisture Lotion III 30ml
The lotion was packed in a clear, slim bottle. It's actually a toner. I usually apply this lotion in the morning, right after cleansing my face and/or before applying make up. It's not as oily as my TFS Hydra Ice Flower lotion/toner, and absorbed by my skin quicker than TFS.

-Intensive Cream 10g
I'm impressed with this tiny cream! I used this cream as my night cream, although KAO said it can be used both as day and night cream. It's very lightweight and it didn't caused my (slightly oily) nose become oilier!

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this kit. I've planned to repurchase the kit if I run out of these one (currently I haven't consider buying full size, sine the price is extremely expensive xC) However, I couldn't tell you how effective these products are, since I've just use it for 3 days. So far, my skin feels softer, but it still heals itself from flake-offs, and also dry patches (TFS Lotion isn't very effective on my skin, unlike the cream I've ran out earlier before the lotion). I'll update it for you later, okay? ;D

See you guys soon!
Reen <3

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