Tuesday, August 7, 2012

REVIEW : Mibuki Aya Lens in "Blue"

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This time I'll do a review on my newest lens, Mibuki Aya. I bought the pair in blue.

Top : Mibuki Aya Lens in BLUE
Bottom : Barbie Eye Mirage Series in VIOLET

Mibuki Aya Lens in BLUE - Vial Bottle
Mibuki Aya Lens in BLUE - in its vial bottle

You can see the lens in its case on my previous post.

Diameter : 19.20mm
Water Content : 60%
Duration : 12 months
Origin : Japan

PATTERN : 5/5 
This lens is quite unique. It has an octagonal pattern instead of the usual circular one, making this lens looks like a flower. Very pretty when worn.

COLOR : 2/5
When not worn, the color of this lens is very beautiful. It is a 3-tones lens. However, it's not quite true to color. While it claimed to be "blue", the yellowish brown and the black is a lot more dominant than the blue. As you can see, the blues only appear as dot patterns along the innermost line.
And it also disappointed me when I wear it, since the color doesn't show up. AT ALL. It's as if I am wearing black/brown lens. ><
Mibuki Aya Lens in BLUE - on eyes

Mibuki Aya claimed being 19.20mm in diameter. Well, honestly I don't really know if it's true or not since I don't really see the difference between this one and my i.Fairy, which is 16.20mm in diameter. But I see this lens is quite enlarging on my eyes.

Even though the diameter is kinda large, this lens is very comfortable. It doesn't make my eyes tired even after a long wear. Not even drying my eyes despite its high water content.

OVERALL : 3.5/5
I do love this lens. I don't regret buying it, either. It is the color that disappoints me :( However, I'm quite satisfied especially with its pattern and comfort. <3

What do you guys think about this lens? Love it or leave it?

Reen <3

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