Friday, August 31, 2012

REVIEW : Milani Baked Blush in "Fantastico Mauve"

Milani products have been raved by a lot of people, and since I also sell this, I think.. why don't I try it myself?
The product I choose is their Baked Blush. I bought two shades; Dolce Pink and Fantastico Mauve. The latter shade is the one I will be reviewing today. :)

Milani Baked Blush in "Fantastico Mauve" - CLOSED

Milani Baked Blush in "Fantastico Mauve" - OPENED

Milani Baked Blush comes with a gold-colored pot, with clear window in the middle of the cap, allowing you to see the shades inside. The brand and product name is printed on the clear window, in gold letters. Looks luxurious, but I personally think the packaging isn't too sturdy. Oh well, I hope I'm wrong. :p
The product itself is dome-shaped.

The pot is actually a two-tiered pot, the upper compartment is the place for the product, and the lower compartment, accessed by lifting the upper compartment is a place for the tiny brush -which I didn't use- and also a small mirror.

Milani Baked Blush in "Fantastico Mauve" - Lower Compartment, the brush, and mirror

As the name suggests, Fantastico Mauve is a combination of purple mauve, pink, and also white. It has shimmery finish.
I was hesitant to buy it at first, since it's PURPLE! I think purple is an odd color to be a blush. Won't it look like you just got punched?
But I proved myself wrong xD

Milani Baked Blush in "Fantastico Mauve" SWATCH. Left : Heavy, Right : Blended

It is actually a very pretty color when shaded. It turned reddish pink on skin. I have to be very careful and light-handed though. It's very pigmented. It beats NARS in my opinion! I just swiped it once, and I ended up look like just been slapped! JUST. ONE. SWIPE. Amazing pigmentation, huh? I even have to tone it down using face powder, and still, I don't need to re-apply the blush.

The blush is also amazingly long lasting! Normally I have trouble with blushes' staying power. Even Benefit and NARS couldn't last for more than 3-4hours on me. But this one, it didn't fade! I applied this blush at around 10.30 a.m, and when I get home after driving my mom to the traditional market (where I, as usual, get sweaty) at around 3 p.m, the blush doesn't even fade!

My other blushes (aside of my MAC Mineralize Blush "Warmth Of Coral") also have a trouble for showing up when I take pics of myself, but this one is different. Well, not as clearly as if you see me in person, but at least, it's VISIBLE!

See? It's quite visible! I am satisfied!

Milani Baked Blush can be bought at my store for IDR 110.000 each.

Packaging : 4.5/5
Color : 5/5
Application : 5/5
Longevity : 5/5

Anyway.. My sisters bought the shade "Red Vino". It's also very pretty. I might repurchase this product, in that shade. :p

Review for Dolce Pink will be up ASAP!

DISCLOSURE : This review is purely based on my own experience using this product, although the product came from my shop.

Reen <3


  1. wow that's such an amazing color! it looks great on you!


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