Wednesday, April 10, 2013

REVIEW : Mamechiyo for Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30/PA+++ in "Beige"

It's been quite a while since I do a review, right? Well, I rarely hauled anything currently; I have been a big spender and now I need to save up my money T__T. The product I'll be reviewing today has been in my possession since end of January back then, but after a pretty long time of test-driving, I'm pretty sure about my review now!

I know, the Mamechiyo series is pretty outdated, it was last year's collaboration while this year's series is Tsuya; collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld (did I spell it correctly?). However, Nadeshiko Beautyshop, the shop where I bought this stuff from, didn't have the tsuya one back then when I ordered it, so I chose the Mamechiyo one. She said it's the same formula. I pick the shade "Beige" to suit my yellow undertone.

As this product is a mousse-based, it was packed in a metal can with nozzle pump. The can, specially designed by Mamechiyo, is very cute! It's yellow, and it has Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flowers and Butterflies pictured. So Japanese. 
However, I found the nozzle pump is annoying. It's very hard to push, and tends to dispense too much product, no matter how gentle I press the nozzle. I found the same thing happened to other owners of this product when I googled the reviews. Such a shame.

I really love the mousse texture! It's soft, fluffy, bouncy, and lightweight. Upon being applied and blended, it melts onto skin very well and easy to blend. A small amount of product is sufficient to cover the entire face. It brightens up my complexion quite well, but doesn't provide any blemish coverage. It's only a base, after all, not a foundation nor concealer. It has SPF 30/PA+++, which means it has a maximum protection power against UV B (PA+++) and quite sufficient protection against UV A (SPF 30), perfect as a sunblock/sunscreen substitute.
My love to this product, however, seems to fade out after using it for a few days. It dries out my skin really badly!! Having an already very dry skin, this product worsen out my skin. After three consecutive days using this product, I ended up having huge dry patches on my cheeks. The only thing I can do to reduce it's drying effect is to apply it with a foundation brush. Well, I don't know it's just a suggestion or not, but I found it's not as drying as when being applied with fingertips. Oil control is so-so. I suggest you to use an oil-controlling foundation/BB creams/powder on top of it. 

Shu Uemura Mamechiyo UV Under Base Mousse "Beige" - SWATCH

Shu Uemura Mamechiyo UV Under Base Mousse "Beige" - SWATCH [HALF-BLENDED]

Shu Uemura Mamechiyo UV Under Base Mousse "Beige" - SWATCH [BLENDED]

OVERALL (2.5/5)
I really want to love this product, but I just can't. This product is definitely a miss for me ;'( Still, I've splurged  my money to get this, so I'll keep using this; although not everyday. ><

Anyway, I heard the Tsuya one is made for dry skin. Maybe I'll try that one after I used up all of this one. ><

Reen <3


  1. Dapat yg flower gini.. Cantikkkk hahahaha

    1. Iyahhh packagingny cakepp.. sayang produkny ga secantik itu di aku T____T

  2. ah looks like me, krg ccok d aku. terlalu berat nyampe d muka :S

    1. Huhu toss dlu.. d aku sih ringan2 aja... tapi ga tahan dry patchnya hiks


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