Friday, June 6, 2014

[FEATURED] Paul Fredrick 2014 Summer Collection Launch

Paul Fredrick. Have you ever heard about this brand? To be honest, this is my first time hearing this brand. Apparently their representative emailed me and offered a collaboration.

A brief explanation, Paul Fredrick is a Menswear brand based in the USA. Their main sales is their dress shirts. If I have to explain about the brand with one word, formal.

"Wait, fashion? Men's fashion? I thought you are a girl and your blog -this blog- is mainly about beauty?"
Well, yes I am a girl and this is a beauty blog indeed, but I am not bound by that definition, am I? Moreover, I have a passion in men fashion. I love stylish men. I love to mix and match men's outfit.
(How does Paul Fredrick found out about that passion anyway...? xD)

Anyway, I've seen their collection, their Summer collection dress shirts in particular. I love it. It's bright, but not girly bright. These are my favorite pieces :

The one in the right, in particular. I like the bright blue color. And the tie that paired with it, super love! And I also love the blue tie on the right too. The pattern is so unique.

 Sailboat pattern!! How could I not love it!

For this picture, I particularly love the mint green shirt on the left. I think it gives a nice, fresh, summery look. Don't you think?

There's still a lot more of this collection, they're all nice in my opinion. You can see further of their Summer Collection and of course, if you want to buy, you can go here. I want my boy to try them too, honestly! xD

Reen <3

DISCLAIMER : This is a brand-promotional post. However, all the opinions are purely mine. I write this without anyone forcing me to do so. Pictures are documentation of Paul Fredrick.

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