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[EVENT] L'Occitane Feito no Brasil~ L'Occitane Au Bresil Range Launching Event, 26.05.2014

Hello folks! It's been reaaaally long time since my last post, isn't it? Well, I am kinda lost my passion in writing and my univ assignment is piling up. Being in the very last semester doesn't make me more relaxed, it's getting stressful as I have to deal with final thesis. I am totally overwhelmed!

Well, I don't think it's appropriate for me to talk selfishly about my problems while the title is about event report, is it?
So, last Wednesday I was invited to attend L'Occitane's product launching event. The event was held at SKYE Lounge. I could say that SKYE is one of the most hyped place here in Jakarta. The lounge is located at 56th floor!

Well, the event is about L'Occitane's new product range, L'Occitane Au Bresil. As the name suggest, the range is inspired by the country well known for its Samba, Brazil. (Coincidentally, Brazil is one of most talked country right now, since they're about to host this year's FIFA World Cup!)

I was super late that time, so I only saw the event partially. I even missed the product introduction! *sigh*
Since I was rushing, I can't even remember to snap the entrance!

Well, actually there's nothing so special in the entrance, but there are several ushers welcoming attendees. I was directed to fill the guest book (which made me feel so "small" when I saw the guests attending, they're from big media and who am I? Yeah, an amateur blogger.... *modest*)

After that I was given three colorful vouchers. I forgot to snap them, but I will explain them one by one as I write. Stay tune, 'kay? Along with the voucher, I was also given a piece of yellow scarf embroidered with L'Occitane Au Bresil logo to be worn during the event. I love yellow!
Stage design. Simple, but I really adore the floral borders

L'Occitane Au Bresil range; Jenipapo, Vitoria Regia Day, and Vitoria Regia Night

When I arrived, I saw this :

It is one of my favorite martial arts, Capoeira from Brazil. It's very easy to tell due to their iconic white pants, colored ropes and... half naked! xD
Super cool!!

The Capoeiristas presenting L'Occitane Au Bresil's products

I am totally fascinated so I took a lot of pics..
After Capoeira, I took a walk a little bit and found a booth providing Hand and Face Painting (no pic! sorry!!!)
I am interested and from the information I got from mbak Jihan, L'Occitane's representative who hand me the invitation, I can redeem my yellow voucher here. Sad;y, I fail to do so since the booth is always full!

The next entertainment I saw :

Samba! It's really festive and fun. And the male dancer, smexy.... lol 
N.B : Do you notice? The male dancer, the drummers were the ones performing Capoeira earlier? xD

Again, presentation of L'Occitane Au Bresil Products from the Samba Dancer

After the event is wrapped, I took my time to redeem my vouchers. First, I redeem the red one with merchandise. I was having hard time to choose between an iPad cover, a pillow, and a tote bag, and I eventually choose the tote bag, thinking it'll be useful someday.

The other voucher, the green one, is to be redeemed with L'Occitane Au Bresil product. There are two products to be choosed; a soap bar and hand cream. Full sized! I easily picked hand cream. I don't like soap bar. lol.

Souvenir! xD

It really was a fun event, although I am late and could only enjoy a short moment there. Anyway, according to mbak Jihan, the Au Bresil range itself will be available in L'Occitane stores in June 12th. Curious enough? Be patient!

See you next post!
Reen <3

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