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TIPS : Beauty Secrets Part III ~ Hair Care

Hi folks! Back again with my Beauty Secrets Series. For the third part today I am going to share you my hair care regime.

Beauty is not only about face, but it's also your hair. I mean, what's so good about having pretty face but messy, improperly treated hair? It's not good, right? That's why you need a great hair care products; aside your own regular shampoo and conditioners. Severely damaged hair? No problem! You can follow my treatment! Here are the products I usually use to my hair :

Before advancing to products explanation and quick reviews, let me tell you a little secret of mine : I used to have a severely damaged hair. I naturally have straight hair, but after a bad hair-cutting technique (which is the beginning of my hair damage), I often hid my hair with hair ties, which kinda made a permanent, messy wave to my hair. The ends of my hair would sometimes go out of place and curled all the way it want; and it's ugly! (Ican't really find a perfect word to describe it, but you can find and old pics of me in my fb if you're curious!) Not only that; my hair started to dry out and eventually become frizzy. I tried to do hair smoothing to save my hair; done it twice; but it just made my hair succumb more damage. It started to fall too. T^T
So my mom pushed me to cut my hair short. Really short. I feel really heartache back then when I saw my hair shorten from chest-length to shoulder length, and then shorter again to a short bob. When I dyed my hair for the first time, it's the beginning of my hair treatment. It has been around six or seven months now, and my hair's now better; it looks healthier, and it's also smoother, less frizzy, and less hair falls too. Yay! I begin to grow my hair again. Still dreaming of long hair, you know.

Okay.. I talked too much, right? Let's just move on to my products explanations, okay?

1. KAO Liese Juicy Cocktail Hair Serum in "Orange-Nourish"
I always loooovve Japanese hair products! They work wonderfully on hair. I used to use a hair lotion from Lucido-L, which works fine on my hair, but I found it kinda greasy when being applied too much. So then I moved on to serums, and Juicy Cocktail Hair Serum is my choice. (I love KAO Liese so much!!!). The serum is packed in a square-shaped bottle, clear orange in color. The liquid consists of 2 layers, the top layer is a clear pinkish oil-like substance and the bottom layer is a clear orange-yellow substance. Upon shaking, it turned pale yellow. It's pretty runny, but luckily the caps is designed to drips just a fair amount of product. It's not sticky when applied, and not leaving a greasy feeling on hands too after application. It can be used on damp hair, for extra treatment purpose; or dry hair, to add more shine to your hair and prevents frizzy hair. 
I usually use it on towel-dried hair and then I let it sit to be absorbed before I blow dry my hair.

2. KAO Liese Morning Anti-Frizz Shower Mist
This is for hair styling; it's basically a hair mist to be applied before you go blow-drying your hair. It's said to keep your hair in place (like a hairspray) and hence the name, it prevents your hair to get frizzy. So far I've only used it a few times, so I can't give a proper review by now. I'll make a separate post for this, I guess. 
However, I used to use another blow mist from Liese, it's Quick Blow Mist, and it's really great as a hairspray substitute. Well, at least it's not as stiff and sticky as a hairspray!

Investing in a good hair combs and brushes is a very great idea. I could give you some tips later, but for now, I'll show you my favorite hair brush.

1. Wide-toothed Comb
My hair easily get tangled, especially when I just came out from the shower. Having a rare-toothed comb is very important if you also have tangled hair. It does a great job detangling your hair without damaging it. It's perfect to comb wet hair, when they're at their most fragile state. I get my comb from Guardian, having two of it (keeping one at home and the other in my gym bag), and I also have a wider-toothed one from SaSa Hong Kong (which I forgot to snap the pic) in case my hair got severely tangled.

2. Paddle Hair Brush
Having such thick, overly-volume hair, I have to be careful with my brush choice. A cushioned paddle brush like mine (pictured above) is prefect for me. It smooths out my hair and can also make it less frizzy, and the most important, doesn't add too much volume! It can only be used on dry hair though (using it when your hair's still damp would look so ugly as if your hair got overly oily). My paddle brush is from Innisfree. 

Here are some tips of choosing hair brushes :
1. Choose a wide tooth comb made from plastic. Although wooden comb is better for hair's health, a plastic comb would last longer as it won't absorb moisture from wet hair. The ones made from anti-static plastic is more preferable, so if you comb your dry hair, it won't create static current which is bad for hair's health
2. Choose your hair brush according to your hair type and needs. You can search through or any other sources to find out the perfect brush for you.

Other tips for your hair's beauty :
1. Trim the ends of your hair regularly; like once in 1 or 2 months. It'll prevent split ends.
2. Never rub your hair so harshly with towel. It'll break the hair strands.
3. When combing your tangled, wet hair, start from the bottom part near the ends of your hair, going upward to the roots. If it's too tangled, use your own fingers. Remember to do it gently, and never try to forcefully pull it.
4. Brush your hair before going to bed. It DOES make a huge difference! Your hair will feel smoother when you wake up in the morning. They say you have to brush it 100 times, but I guess it's okay to brush it only until it's all smooth and sleek.

I don't use conditioners and hair masks at all. I am pretty lazy to conditioning my hair LOL. As for masks, I have yet to find a good hair mask for my weekly treatment. Anyone got a suggestion? I'd appreciate any help. Japanese brand is preferable :p

Well... I guess I've shared all my knowledge about hair treatment, haven't I? I hope this post can help you with your hair treatment.I'll see you in the next post <3

Reen <3

DISCLAIMER : This post is purely based on my experience. As skin condition between each person is different, I am not responsible if any of the tips here isn't working well on other people. I will definitely be happy if this works well, though.


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