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TIPS : Beauty Secrets Part I ~ Daily Skin Care

When it comes to achieving the perfect, flawless skin, the most important thing, of course is your daily skin care regime. I mean, how could you get (at least) healthy skin if you're lazy to take care of your skin daily?

My own daily skin care routine consists of these things :

-KAO Curel Moisture Lotion III (Toner)
My HG toner. I usually applied this toner after bathing. I've ever gives my impression about Curel range here and here; but never actually reviewed them by each product, right? This product is very lightweight, has no additional ingredients like fragrance, alcohol, and colorant, which is why this is perfect for sensitive skinned people. The product comes in a pump-type bottle, which is a convenient for me so I won't spend too much product in one application. Only 2-3 pumps needed for each application! One more thing, the bottle's HUGE! It'll last for a really long time, I guess, especially since I only use it in the morning. xDD
the pump xD

-Blackhead treatment; dermatologist prescriptions
I have a big issue about blackhead, there are a massive amount of them sitting on my nose. I've tried a lot of product but nothing's really worked, so I asked my Dermatologist for suggestion, and she prescribed me this ointment to be applied every night, underneath my usual skincare. This ointment stings a little bit on my skin (The Dermatologist had already warned me before), and since my skin's sensitive she also said I have to apply this stuff once in 3 days if the sting is unbearable. Luckily I can wear it every night!! So far I've been used this for about 1 month and I saw progression on my nose. Blackhead's finally reduced!! Yay!! Oh! FYI only, my Dermatologist is Dr. Susie Rendra, SpKK, works at Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah Group (includes RS Puri).

-KAO Curel Moisture Milk II
The one I have here is the trial size, which came from my old trial kit. The "milk" is actually some kind of cream, but lighter and not as rich as cream, as it's made for combination skin rather than dry skin. The texture is pretty runny, and also a little bit sticky on the face. Just like the Lotion/Toner, this product doesn't contain fragrance, alcohol, and colorant too. I have yet to buy the full size since I took very long time to use it until its very last drop. :p

-The History of Whoo Bichup Jasaeng Essence
"Essence" is serum in Korean cosmetics term. I buy this in a sample size, placed in a small pink jar (thus explaining why you can't find the product). This product does a good job in reducing acne! Although not as the reviews said that it can reduce acne in only one night -it took me about 2-3 nights before it actually works- but I do find this product quite impressive. One thing I can't stand from this product is the fragrance. It's very strong and kinda smells like...... detergent. (Also, the price in full size is scary. It's IDR 2,3 million or about USD 230). Oh well, since I rarely get acne and pimples, I should put this on my daily skin care list, but to special care. xDD
To use this, you only need to apply on the acne spot you want to treat; but some reviews have stated it an only be applied onto your whole face (except eyes and lips area, of course! xDD)

OTHER DAILY SKINCARE (but not limited to morning only or night only) :
The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Facial Wash in Aloe
I really love this face wash! My mom and sisters also loves this, and my whole family ended up HG-ing this this product; me, mom and my little sister use the Aloe one (moisturize), and my big sister uses the Peach one (pore care). The wash is very gentle, and smells nice. The lather is rather creamy than foamy. It doesn't dry my face out so far.
I usually wash my face in the morning; sometimes during shower or sometimes before showering. When I showered again in the evening, I wash my face again, and also before I go to bed. And of course I wash my face after removing my makeup! Or after I went outside.

-Choose the skincare according to your skin type and need. You should also choose according to your age range. Do teenagers need anti-wrinkle product? No!
-In skincare, less is more. Your skin is alike to your body and the skincare is its food. Too much skincare is not good for your skin; just like when you eat too much. For example, when my skin is in good condition, I follow the regime as above, but when my skin's dehydrated and really dry, I add the milk in my morning routine and the toner in my night routine.

I have been following the regime for half a year, and so far I do feel a lot of improvement in my skin condition. My skin's no longer rough, dry patches are gone, and as the bonus, less dark spots! (I have a lot of dark spots because of my laziness on putting on sunblocks during my school time back then -and I am still struggling to find a good daily face sunblock xDD).

However, doesn't care diligent you are on treating your skin, and mo matter how much products you apply on your skin, nothing will actually work if you got these bad habits :
-smoking, drugging, and drinking too much alcohol
-sleeping too late (I am also struggling with this one!)
-not eating enough amount of fruits and veggies (also struggling with this too lol)
-not drinking enough water
If you found any of these habits in yourself, I will suggest you to fix it immediately. It's not easy, I know, but it'll worth the effort.

Good luck!
Reen <3

DISCLAIMER : This post is purely based on my experience. As skin condition between each person is different, I am not responsible if any of the tips here isn't working well on other people. I will definitely be happy if this works well, though.


  1. I'm excited to give these a try if I stumble on these brands! :)

  2. Great tips!! I'm gonna ask my dermatologist about the blackhead oil thingy. Never thought of asking about my blackhead problem before because I'm still concern about my acne.

    1. Thanks for Reading!! Yeah, i am desperate enough with My blackheads So i asked For Dermatologist Suggestion ><


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