Saturday, February 23, 2013

TIPS : Beauty Secrets Part IV ~ Special Care

Folks!! How do you do? I've been quite busy lately.. New semester has just begun, so it means..... Shorter time for blogging and stuffs. ><

Okay.. So here's my last part of Beauty Secrets! I am pretty sad to end the series, but I don't have any other tips to share xDD

Okay... So these items are categorized as special care, which means it's a necessity, but the usage isn't limited to everyday, or only once a week.

1. SANA Hadanomy Collagen Mist
This collagen mist is very refreshing. The consistency is rather unique; it's not too watery, but it's not too thick either. Almost kinda like a jelly liquid. It has a pleasant smell of rose. It's quite practical and multifunctioning. So far, I've used them :
-As toner substitute; spray 1-2 pumps onto face after face washing; then pat gently.
-As makeup setting spray; you should be careful not spraying too much, though, or it'll wiped out your makeup
-To achieve a sheer, dewy complexion look; spray 1-2 pumps onto your sponge to dampen it, then blend your foundation with the sponge.
However, as collagen itself, I have yet to see any long-term effect on my face. Well, maybe because I use it seldom.. xDD

2. Missha Green Tea Makeup Remover
This is a great makeup remover! It wipes out waterproof makeup easily. My mascara was wiped out with no problem too. What I love about this product is that it contains no alcohol. The other thing I love, even though it does contain oil, it doesn't feel oily on face. However, I think I'll switch to cleansing oil soon after this one's run out. I think cleansing oil cleanse my makeup better than removers. ><
-My super pigmented E.L.F. Essentials Lipstick
-Physician's Formula Gel Eyeliner for Green Eyes in Black
-NYX Retractable Lipliner in "Nude"
(I choose my hardest-to-remove makeup here)

One swipe with Missha Remover

Three swipes

All clean!!^^

3. The Skin Food Green Tea Foot Buffer
The product is actually the tube one with no label. The label is made from paper sticker and of course, destroyed by the water. LOL. This is my favorite foot scrub. The scrub is pretty rough, perfect for the thick skin of the feet, and it smells of green tea with a hint of mint. Love it! I usually scrubs my feet once a week with this, then I use my foot file to help the exfoliation process. The result? My uneven-skin-toned feet are now more even, the toenails are clean, and no more cracked heels! Yay!

4. LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub
My first aid for chapped lips! I always have trouble with dry, easily chapped lips >< So I need a lip scrub. This product is made from all natural ingredients; sugar as its main ingredients and given the bubblegum scent. And, since it's made from sugar; it's safe if being licked or swollen. The thing I don't like? I myself find it unhygienic as it's packed in a glass jar, and I kinda having hard time to exfoliate with my own fingers. LOL. Maybe I suit stick-type exfoliators better. xDD

Well... I guess this is the end of my Beauty Secrets series. Will be back with another beauty tips again, someday, maybe.... When I already got a new one... xDD Next posts will be back to reviews, FOTDs and also event report (my first events yay!!)

Have a great weekend folks!
Reen <3


  1. Jadi mau coba remover nya. Hehe . Bersih loh itu.

    1. Haha iya bersihhh memang... buat bersihin maskara Sm sisa lem Bulumata jg yahudddd

  2. aye juga suka icip2 tuh bubble gum :3 enak.. wwkkwkw..

  3. Nice post. Maybe you can make your own lip exfoliator? That way you can just do it one use and it is pretty easy to make with things you already have in your kitchen!

    1. I've ever made A DIY one myself, Sadly It turned out a little bit messy. xDD

  4. LOVEEE hanadomy collagen mist XD

  5. Ho'oh bikin tergoda makeup remover nya.. aromanya menyengat Gak?

    1. Aromanya lembut.. sama sekali ga nusuk idung.. hehe... kebetulan aku juga ga suka sama wewangian yg Strong.. :D

  6. Green tea makeup remover sounds so cool.. Loved the list.

  7. pengen banget cb si hadanomy >.<


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