Monday, February 11, 2013

TIPS : Beauty Secrets Series Introduction

Hi, folks! I am about to share my beauty secrets. Excited? I decided to share this after several **ahem** compliments on how flawless my skin is. xDD

My Beauty Secret Series will be divided in several posts [link will be provided one by one after each posts are published] :
1. Daily Skin Care
2. Weekly Skin Care
3. Hair Care
4. Special Care

Well, I have to admit it's actually a pure luck for me to have a dry-combination skin, which prevents me from having large pores, or too much acne/pimples. However, I do have sensitive skin; where acne, dry patches and breakout will appear very easily once my skin rejects a certain product. My point is, regardless what type of skin you have, and whether it's already flawless or not, if you never treat it well, it'll be ruined sooner or later. Same thing goes to your hair and entire body. So you really should treat them well!


Reen <3

DISCLAIMER : This post and the other related posts after this are purely based on my experience. As skin condition between each person is different, I am not responsible if any of the tips here isn't working well on other people. I will definitely be happy if this works well, though.


  1. skincare prodductnya ga di jelasin reen..pdhl penasaran sm itu.. huehuehuehuee

    1. Not yet wie.. haha.. kan next posts... lagi mandek mau nulisnya Gimana :p


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