Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FEATURED : What's in My Makeup Bag?

I am so glad UD gave me a nice travel makeup bag (see here)! It immediately replaces my old,ugly drawstring pouch. It can hold more stuffs too! Really satisfied!! I always bring quite a lot of small stuffs, so this bag's really useful. 
Here are the "small stuffs" I told ya :

That's pretty much stuff, right? I really can't go without them, so whenever I accidentally leave the bag (which fortunately, never happens!) I will get extremely panic. Okay, I am exaggerating things. Just let me explain my stuffs, okay? ;D

1. Compact Mirror
I think it's a habit I inherited from my mom; she used to bring a compact mirror to apply lipstick shortly after meal; and yeah, I also do the same thing after meal. 

2. Small Comb
My hair tends to get messy, especially if I travel by motorcycle, when I have to cover my head with helmet. Bringing a small comb like that really helps me to rearrange my hair. 

3. Lipbalm
I am very prone to dry, chapped lips, and also, I can't wear lipstick without lipbalm underneath! I bring my Lip Smacker with me, so I don't have to move my Skinfood Lipbalm back and forth from the shelf to the bag, and from the bag to the shelf. Preventing me to accidentally leave the lipbalm too!

4. Lip makeup product (lipstick/lipgloss/liptint)
The Revlon lipgloss pictured above is only a representative item xD. I usually bring a different lip product, depending on what I actually wear during dressing up. I am a lip junkie, remember? xD

5. Band-aid
I don't wear closed shoes often, and when I wear them, I usually end up having scratches around my feet (usually back heel, or ball of feet). Band aid can help me reducing the pain.

6. Hair Accessories
I don't know what term to describe the comb-like thing; but I usually call it "sirkam". It's similar to a headband, but only holds a partial amount of the hair and can give you more volumized look. I also use it to keep my super long bangs up,so it won't blocked my sight.
I also bring a hair tie, just in case I need it. My hair's pretty short, but I am so happy when I realized it's now long enough to be tied in ponytail T^T

7. Cosmetics Cotton Bud and Cotton Pad
I never actually use the cotton pad, I just bring a few in case I'll need it someday. As for cosmetics cotton swab, I use it to fix my smudged eye makeup, or feathering lipstick

8. Mascara
I usually bring my travel sized Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara. I often forgot to apply mascara, especially when I'm in hurry, so bringing a mascara is right for me.

You might wonder why I didn't bring any tissue. I have to admit, it's my bad habit of forgetting this stuff. I often left it in my previous bag when I switch to another bag, or just leave it on my desk in the bedroom. I have to train myself to bring this thing!

Now you've seen my makeup bag, what's in yours? xD

Reen <3


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