Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[MINI] HAUL : Urban Decay Mystery Bag

I've been a HUGE fan of Urban Decay products since the first time I learned about the brand. However, the products can be pretty pricey. 
Then, my fellow friend, the owner of Bunny Beaut Cosmetica, informed me about UD Mystery Bag. What is it actually? Well, it's a bag filled with UD best-selling products. The retail price for each bag set is US$16, and UD claimed you'll get products with total value over US$45. I CAN'T RESIST THIS!!!! T^T

Last week, I finally received the bag. And here's what I get :

Urban Decay Mystery Bag

Products inside the bag ^^

Was hoping for Vice Palette **slapped** but I'm really excited to see the products I get here :

1. Full Sized Lip Junkie Lipgloss in "Naked"
If you have a Naked Palette 2, you must be familiar with this one. Yep.. You got the travel-sized one in the Naked 2. I am so thrilled when I see this in full size. I am a lip junkie, remember? I've tried my sister's and quite like it for first impression, but I'll test it out more to get the final review. Wait, okay? ;D

2. Travel Sized All Nighter Setting Spray
UD's most raved setting spray. I've always wanted to try this, but having hard time finding the online shop who could bring this product, as it's a liquid product over 30ml (1 fl. oz) -several online shop refused to ship liquids over 30ml; leakage risk, and liquid's considered dangerous (remember flight's regulation for liquids)-
I am so excited to try this!!

3. Travel Sized 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencil Stash in "Rehab"
Referring to its packaging color, I supposed Rehab is a chocolate brown. But my other friends who also have this said it's not truly choco-brown; it's a golden brown instead. Got glitters too. I haven't swatched it, so can't prove it. LOL

4. Travel Sized Supercurl Curling Mascara
My favorite mascara!!I also got this product from my UD Book of Shadows IV. My first impression; it's clumpy, but then after I managed to find a way so it doesn't clump anymore, I am in love!!! I especially love its applicator. Will review it, so just wait!

5. Sample Card of Primer Potion in "Original"
To tell you the truth, I'm not a huge fan of UDPP, the texture is rather dry, and sometimes my eyeshadow still creased. But I won't get disappointed too if I get the travel size or even the full size one lol.. I might give this to my mom. She loves this product, but strangely she dislike keeping the full sized one.

6. An A4-sized clear zip-locked travel bag
The bag is clear; with Urban Decay logo printed in purple on the lower right corner, and has a purple zip closure. So UD-ish.
6. Description Card
It's not important, but it's still the part of the bag, right?

Details of the card

BOTTOM LINE : I am really satisfied with the products I get. Even though they're mostly came in travel size, but the total value's really worth over US$45. I've asked my friends who also buy this, and ask Bunny Beaut herself, and they said they all got the exact same products. UD should change its name into "Travel Makeup Bag" instead of "Mystery Bag", in my opinion. xD Can't wait to try the products on! 

Interested? You can get yours here, she still get a few bags in stock. 

Reen <3


  1. OMG $16 for those amazing products, great deal indeed!!

  2. full size lip glossnya panjang jg ya o.o jd penasaran wand applicatornya sepanjang apa?

    1. Wait for the review to come up Ya.. Hihihi <3


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