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About Curvy ʚϊɞ Butterfly
I've learned to blog since I was in high school, but never actually make it a regular basis. This blog, Curvy ʚϊɞ Butterflystarted on July 2012, mainly talks about beauty. My blog also contains random thing around me and also my lifestyle. All posts posted in this blog are written solely by myself. I do blogging because of my love of writing, not for a sole entertaining audience purpose, however, I do love to hear any suggestion and critics from you to make this blog better. :)

Why Curvy ʚϊɞ Butterfly?
Curvy is based from my own body shape. (Yes, I am curvy -if not fat :p-), while butterfly is often being a symbol of beauty. Well, you can say I am a beauty with curves. <3
The ʚϊɞ is only for aesthetic purpose.. xD

General Blog's Language
I write all the posts in English, so it can be read by everyone worldwide. Please note that English is NOT my first language, so it's common for me to make grammatical mistakes. I do my best to provide better English though, as I am still in learning process.

Pictures on Blog
All pictures are taken also by myself, using Samsung SmartCamera WB250F. I use the app Photoscape to edit my photos (since I am really bad at Photoshop), but that doesn't mean I can provide a great pictures like pro photographer. Please bear with my amateur photograph T^T

Review Posts
All the reviews here was purely based on my experience on using the product. I did pay all the products with my own money, otherwise stated, and I am not paid for anything I write. I try to be honest in every of my review. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more info.