Friday, May 3, 2013

FEATURED : Birthday Gifts Roundup + Surprise for Readers!!

Hi. folks! I've been M.I.A. again for about half month. >< Please don't blame me :'( I was celebrating my 22nd birthday two days ago, on May 1st to be exact. And of course, I want to celebrate with you folks too! Read carefully until the very end, okay?

I received so much presents from my boyfriend and also from my family. If you follow my Instagram or Twitter; or you're friend with me on Facebook, you've probably seen the pictures. It's a blessing, you know, to receive them all. <3 I'll be a little bit showing off here. Please bear lol

Here are the presents I've received :

The breakdown :
1. From my Mom
My mom isn't the type of a "gift-giver". She knew that I'd like to buy a new camera for myself, but she simply doesn't like troubling herself in finding and purchasing it, so she just give me the money. The amount? It's a secret of course! :p

2. From my Big Sister
She let me to choose the present myself, so I looked around and asked her to buy me this :
Pic courtesy :

It's OCC Pro Pick's Lip Tar set! You know I am a lip junkie, right? The item's still on its way from US to here, so I don't have the real pic yet. I just pick the pic from Sephora. 

And she also gave me this :

I've been wanting this kind of waver for months; and when I finally bought this, my big sis said she'll also pay for this. She's really a generous big spender T^T
This waver's brand is Junma, bought from HairShop Fransiska, and 25mm in diameter.

3. My Little Sister
I didn't really asked her to buy me something, but I do accept her present with great gratitude :

It's Coastal Scents Go Palette in "Sydney". The colors are lovely! There's a really funny story behind this. On my birthday, she said she just ordered this palette in Beijing one. We expected it to arrive the next day, but it arrived on the very same day! The seller happened to pass by our house, she said. But we were surprised to found out that the palette we received was Cairo one, while the box was Beijing. After my sis informed the seller, the seller came back to take it and said that Beijing has already been sold out actually, as well as offering another variant. My sis then asked me to choose myself, and of course I chose the colorful one; Sydney.

3. My boyfriend
Apart from my mom, my boyfriend gave me the most presents:
Sephora Blockbuster Palette

He confessed to me that he had no clue when choosing my gift, so he asked me if I want this or not. lol. (So that means I've already known what he's going to give me even before my birthday).

Forever21 Love and Beauty Sparkle Lip Gloss in "Pink"

This one is actually a bonus from Sephora's seller when my BF bought me the palette. It was labeled as "pink", but in my opinion it's much more like a coral orange with gold sparkles in it.

This necklace is the only present I didn't know he has for me. He gave me this one in exchange of my silver one (also given from him), during my birthday dinner date. I was so surprised T^T The necklace was made from pure gold (I don't know how many carats though), and surely the ornaments weren't real diamonds.

My BFF from junior high said she also have a present for me that she'll give me on Monday. I'll updated later. <3 Hahaha...

Well, I've done showing off. Now it's time for your surprise, folks!!!


To celebrate a 10.000 pageviews and also my birthday, I held my first giveaway.
The prize is:
pic courtesy:

ONE MUA Undress Me Too Palette for ONE winner!!^^
Giveaway opens from NOW until 31 May 2013 at midnight

To enter :
1. Follow my blog via GFC or bloglovin and input your data through comments:
Name :
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What do you like from my blog?
Your suggestion for my blog?
Please note that any incomplete data or unanswered questions will be DISQUALIFIED
2. Add me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and [optional] Instagram

Pretty simple, eh? Oh, please note that the Giveaway is for INDONESIAN ONLY. Sorry, foreigners. ><
Winner will be selected personally by me based on the best answers. So answer those 2 questions creatively! Winner will be announced on June 5th 2013.
Good luck!

Reen <3


  1. yuhuuuu Reen HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! God bless you alwaysss <3
    your bf was so kind >.< *envy*
    name : Jesslyn
    GFC : lynlyne
    Bloglovin :
    City of Residence : Jakarta
    What do I like from your blog? sukaaa kamu, I mean orangnya, ga pelit bagi-bagi tips, biarpun jadi silent reader, soalnya ada orang yang pelit bagi info mengenai beauty tips supaya flawless kayak dirimuu, o iya paling suka review si Mary-lou gilaaa baca blogmu tergoda bangettt, dari ga demen highlight jadi demen highlight sana sini (blm beli si mary-lou masih ada highlight laen sayang LOL)
    aku juga FOTD-nya,hehhee cakep rapih makeupnya ^^
    My suggestion for your blog? hmmm mungkin rada jarang update akhir-akhir ini banyak update dong reen ^^ (diriku tahu nasib jadi anak akun berat juga LOLOL) sama mungkin lebih colorful lagi bannernya
    kalau masalah isi postingnya udah oke banget ^^
    my FB : JessLyn Yunnie
    my twitter : @jezzyunnie

    thanks for the giveaway reen! *penasaran pengen cobain si dupe naked 2 nya reen,aaaaaa*
    *wish me luck*
    with love,

    1. Thankyou lyneee :*
      Haha... **catet2masukan**

      Share2 giveawaynya ya biar rame... good Luck <3

    2. wokeee tak share giveawaynya ya reen ^^

    3. reeen udan kushare semoga tambah rame >.<

    4. Aduuhh makasihh banget lynnn ud bantu ngeshare :*

  2. Happy bufday cute oneee.. ^o^v wish u all the best dear.. itu occ na racun bgd.. wkkwkw.. ikudan yhapp :D
    Name: Tata
    GFC: TataNedz, Squidjelly
    Date of birth: 29 Desember 1987
    City of residence: Jakarta
    what i like about ur blog: hiahiahia km orgnya baik bgd. maw nolong pas ak pertama kali baru belajar bikin blog, paling suka sama tutorial yg km buat, kek depot eyeshadow ke pallet, trus benerin pact yg dha retak" gt.. FOTD na kereeennnnn.. it muka bs mulus gt.. pilihan makeup km jg ngga simpel tapi mantaaphhss dhech.. suka sama post skincare rutin mu.. seneng sama review high end makeup mu jg rinn.. hohoho..
    hmm.. makin banyak bkin post na yah.. enak bacanya hohoho..

    muaachiiieee udha ngadaiin giveaway.. gyaa.. >w<

    already follow u on Instagram, Facebook, and Twiiter.. ^o^

  3. kado2nyaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥ wish you another great year ya makren :*

    Name : Sarwinda Limindra
    GFC/bloglovin ID : sakura_wind/sakurawind
    Date of Birth : 26th October 1989
    City of Residence : Tangerang
    What do you like from my blog? Paling seneng sama posting tips-nya ♥
    FB : Sarwinda Limindra
    Twitter & IG : @sakura_wind

    wish me luck XD wkwkwk.. thank you for the giveaway~ :D

  4. Name : Jessica
    GFC/bloglovin ID : jcliani
    Date of Birth : 2/7/89
    City of Residence : Denpasar

    What do you like from my blog?
    Your make up post!
    Omg ur face.. flawless banget kaya boneka, slalu imut n kaya porselen, d pngn megang trus nyubit2. Lol. Love ur eye make up.
    Trutama secrets revealya patutttt dicoba...
    Kalau yg ngepost kaya kamu pasti semua ngikut deh.

    Your suggestion for my blog?
    Tulisannya tipis, kadang aga susa dibaca, mgkn dibold lbh enak :)
    gambarnya kl bisa diperbesar lebih puas gitu liatnya.
    FB n twitter dimunculin aja di side bar, jd kalo ada yg mau bs langsung add ato follow.
    N lebih sering aja ngepostnya... pasti cepet deh banyak dapet fansnya.

    Tqu ^^

    1. aduhh makasiihh jcii... **terbang**
      suggestion noted!! *segeralaksanakan*
      goodluck yaahh

  5. hi name is cindy..found your blog via GIG....btw next week I'll be flying to jkt! See if I have time can meet up for a tea or so!! Do check out my blog at

    1. wow thanks for visiting my blog <3 That'll be an awesome idea. <3 we can talk via my fb

    2. what's ur fb? add me at

    3. Seems We're friends already since I Can't find the "add friend" button. My fb name is Reen Alyssa

  6. maureennn, happy birtdhay once again! *hugs* :) :)

    Name : Tiffany
    GFC : tiffanyoctavia
    Date of Birth : 29 Oktober 1990
    City of Residence : Surabaya

    What do you like from my blog?
    first of all, sejak kenal sama kamu jd belajar buat lebih pede lho. trus lebih rajin rawat muka krn sirik sama muka flawless kamu yg kaya boneka jepang. buahahaha
    klo dari blog paling suka post ttg beauty secret & FOTD! colourful tp ga norak, sukaaa <3
    truss aku suka krn postingan2 kamu pake bahasa inggris tapi bacanya ringan. jadi bisa belajar sambil nambah2 stok vocab ttg make up & beauty :p

    Your suggestion for my blog?
    mungkin lebih oke kalo ada banner nama blog yah, trus dipasangin template biar blognya makin cantik :D
    klo secara personal dr aku yah, warna background pake warna2 dingin/pastel gitu. jadi mata tetep adem klo ubek2 blogmu dlm waktu lama. just a suggestion yah :)
    lebih sering ngepost!! hahah. suka sama review2 km yg super-jelas.
    oh iya, mungkin bisa ditambahin button yg ngelink ke FB/Twitter/instagram biar follower makin banyak, blog makin eksis. hehehe

    thank you and wish me luck! :*

    1. Makasiiihhhhh tiff :*
      Huhuhu Mau tambah2in Fb ama twitt button sbenernya... Tp aku Gaptek T____T
      Mau design aja ga Mudeng.. #katrolevelparah
      Goodluck Anyway :*

    2. Tolong ajari saya, suhu design T____T

    3. wahh aku ga pernah bikin blog jd ga ngerti setting ama codingnya gimana reen. hahahaha.. masi belajaran juga :*

  7. Halo, silent reader mau coba peruntungan, hihihi. Happy bday anyway, semoga tambah cantiiikk dan tambah seru blog nya :)

    Name : amalia
    GFC/bloglovin ID :
    Date of Birth : 4-3-84
    City of Residence : Big J
    What do you like from my blog?...
    Tentunya semua review nya. Newbie banget dlm hal perlenongan kaya gw, butuh banget info2 yang jelas ttg berbagai macam produk *cari racun juga sebenernya, nyahahaha*. Dan review2 disini kaya memuaskan dahaga *halah bahasane*. Truus, itu tips skin care nya, oh em ji banget deh. Sayang lg hamil jadi ga berani nyontek, hehehe.

    Your suggestion for my blog?
    1. Theme blog nya mungkin bisa yang agak minimalis gitu ? heheh maaapp, cuma awal2 agak mumet, tapi krn bacain postingan satu per satu jadi ga berasa aja
    2. Banyakkin tutorial duun :p

    Dah, itu aja :)

    *semoga menang* :p

    1. hahaha... makasiiihh yah... goodluck :*
      hihi.. diminimalisir kaya apa lagi nih kalo boleh tau? soalnya ini udah tersimple dr semua blog kayanya.. saking gapteknya modif2 template *malu*

  8. Name : Queen Nobelia
    GFC/bloglovin ID :
    Date of Birth : 23 June 1993
    City of Residence : Tangerang

    And I'll answer your questions :D

    ~First of all, I wanna say CONGRATULATION for 10.000 page views!! Keep reviewing yaa~

    What do you like from my blog?
    Yang paling disuka?? Karna udah ngasih aku Mamechiyo for Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse dengan harga murah. Mwhaahhahaha. Becanda ding. Sebenarnya habis beli itu, langsung iseng-iseng cari beauty blog kamu. Siapa tau ada, soalnya orangnya imut-imut dan memang pengen tau review Shu Uemuranya, eh malah keasikan buka post-post lain karna penjelasannya menarik trus detail. Bahasanya juga ringan dan nggak berbelit-belit, bisa jadi referensi beauty blog baru eike juga, tapi nggak bakal diplagiat kok. Hohohohoh

    Your suggestion for my blog?
    Apa ya? Kayaknya lebih ke tambahin kategori review-annya gitu. Misalnya aku mau iseng2 liat review tentang lipstick, jadi aku tnggl klik kategori lipstick, jadi muncul semua. Dan dengan begitu lebih menarik aja Hohohoho. Just like that sih


    1. Wahh.. makasiihhh dear :* heheh...
      Oya ud Dikirim Yah mamechiyonya :)
      thanks for Joining Juga... hihihi.. Good Luck!

    2. Hahahaha.. Iya sama-sama^^ Sukses ya

      Oh, happy bday too ya sis^^ Wish u all the best lah お誕生日おめでとう^^
      Stay cute :*

    3. Ehehe.. Thanks A lot yaaa... :*

  9. Nama: miarsi ningsih
    gfc: miarsi ningsih
    Date of birth: 20 juli 1992
    City of residence: Jakarta
    FB: orion zee
    Twitter: @miarsiku
    Tweteed supaya banyak yg join:
    paling suka sama review make up coz lengkap plus foto nya jelas ditambah Tips2 nya juga keren.Blognya simple jadi kesannya bersih dan rapi ga bikin pusing,posting tentang personal life nya juga Ok "ga lebay"
    Saran :Buat sidebar Sosial media yg lain FB,Twitter supaya praktis tinggal klik trus Dibuat label juga supaya ga bingung mo cari info apa tinggal klik, Bikin juga NOTD n Tutorial kak coz aku masih newbie.Rajin posting aja kak ntar juga ktemu ritme n gaya menulis yg kaka bgt " lho ga ada hubungannya y?? Happy bday kak "Wish u all the best" amin

    1. Hihi thankyou yahhh :*
      Wah Kalo NOTD jangan Dehhh.. ga pede nih... ahaha...
      Good luck!!

  10. Name :Gita Felinda
    GFC/bloglovin ID :gita felinda
    facebook: gita gethuk chocochipz
    twitter: @gitafelinda
    Date of Birth : 15 february 1991
    City of Residence :Malang

    What do i like from your blog?
    I like all of your beauty post, like eyeshadow and lipstic thing dan paliing demen sama tips-tips yang kamu kasih. Karena aku newbie di dunia blogger yang jelas tips-tips itu penting banget buat aku..
    Beberapa posting yang menceritakan tentang diri kamu juga aku suka(meskipun nggak secara langsung), karena itu membuat aku(dan pembaca lain) yang nggak kenal secara langsung sama kamu bisa lebih ngerti, kenal dan ngerasa deket sama kamu, buat aku ini penting banget karena nge-blog selain ajang untuk share sesuatu juga merupakan ajang nambah temen.
    My suggestion for your blog?
    Designnya rin, simple is good tapi untuk yang suka beauty sepertinya kurang lucu dikit. Hehe..
    Selain itu tambahin list topiknya juga, biar enak kalo mau nyari postingan tentang lipstik atau tips-tips contohnya...
    Terakhir saranku sekali-kali posting pake Bahasa ya, dan juga review produk lokal, supaya banyak bule yang kesengsem sama produk Indonesia. lol

    let's be friends ya! Sankyu..

    1. hello! makasih yahh uda ikutan.. goodluck... :*


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