Monday, May 13, 2013

REVIEW : D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini Lashes in "Cakrawala" [SPONSORED]

I received these lashes about approximately a month ago; one pair in "Cakrawala" and another pair in "Cendrawasih". They're beautiful! xDD

And the pair I'll be reviewing here is :

Princess Syahrini Lashes are packed in a clear plastic blister, so you can see both product's type and also the product itself easily. The label is flyer-like, purple as dominant color, with Syahrini face pictured on it. Eh? Who's Syahrini? Well, she's an Indonesian celebrity, well known as a singer with great sense of beauty and also her catchy phrases.
Okay, back to packaging. I found the blister is pretty practical to be used as lashes holder. There are several pairs of snap button-like around the edge of the blister, making it easy to open and close without damaging the packaging. There's a tutorial for applying and removing the lashes on the back side.

D'Eyeko claimed that their lashes are made from 100% natural human hair. Well, this may be true. The lashes are very flexible and not stiff, flimsy, or glossy like other cheap lashes, making it very comfortable and lightweight. They don't poke my eyes too xDD.
 The band is black, which I like since I don't have to re-apply my eyeliner to conceal it. "Cakrawala" make my lashes look more flattering, but still in a natural way, since the lashes aren't too long nor thick.
D'Eyeko also claimed that their lashes are specially designed for Asian eyes which are smaller than other races, so you don't have to trim them to fit your eyes. Well, while this might be true for some other people, I still have to trim them a little bit.

One thing I like from these lashes is that they always include the glue in their individual packaging. The glue is very tiny, but it can be used for several time. The glue tube is very unique. You have to snap the cap at the first time of opening, then you flip the cap to close after usage. It's pretty hard to describe by words; you'll have to try them yourself. xDD
I also like the tube, which is pretty stiff so I can control the amount of glue dispensed from it. But the glue is pretty runny too, so careful not to press the tube too strong. The glue itself is greenish blue in color (yes, BLUE!) but dries off transparent. It's a great glue! I wonder if D'Eyeko sell the glue separately. I'd like to buy LOL

Anyway, here are the Cakrawala lashes on my eye :

Feel familiar with those eye pictures? Yes, I take it from my previous FOTD post. You know, I rarely wear eyelashes for daily use, so it's pretty hard for me to take a good picture of me wearing these lashes. This is also the reason why it take me pretty long to finally post the review. I'm so sorry ><

Pro(s) :
-Natural looking result
-Reusable (I've worn my Cakrawala 4 times, and they're still in good shape)
-Glue included

Con(s) :
-A little too wide for my eyes
-Glue can be messy sometimes
-Fairly expensive for a pair of fake lashes xDD

D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini Lashes retails at IDR 50.000 (USD 5.00) each pairs. You can ask through their FB Fanpage if you're interested to purchase one :)

Reen <3


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by My blog!
      Yes, they're indeed pretty <3

  2. Replies
    1. Lebih Cetar Si Cendrawasih sebenernya Lid... hahaha.. coming Soon ya Reviewnyaa

  3. Bagus yaa. Tapi agak mahal sepasang 50rb >_<
    Btw, nice review dear


    1. iya, memang agak mahal utk sepasang lashes. tapi worth juga kok, terutama utk lash junkies. xDD
      makasih udah mampir :*

  4. They're lovely! I think they're perfect for both a party or for everyday use. :)

  5. ternyata cakep yahh falsie nya Syahrini, tapi harga nya mayan mahal juga 50rb sepasang.
    Nice post btw, and i love your contact lenses, pretty :D

    1. heheh.. iya ci cakep n agak mahal memang. tp worth lah..

      thanks a lot ci... ><

  6. Nice post these look great! love your blog!

    Lorraine xx

    1. hello! Thanks for visiting my blog <3 and thanks too for the compliment


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