Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Bunny Diary : Summer Time

Hello humans! Jakarta was hot lately! And I felt hot too! During the day, my mommy would put a bottle of frozen water on the floor, and I usually would approach it, rolling it with my nose or front legs, or simply lay beside it to feel its breeze. It's cool!!! During night, I like to relax in my mommy's cool, air-conditioned room.

Laying beside my ice. It's cool!!!

Relaxing in mommy's room at night. Can you see my eyes? Huh? You can't? I know I'm fuzzy <3

See you next time!

FOTD : Indonesia [in Bahasa]

Oke... Pertama gue mo ngucapin :


Berhubung hari ini spesial, akhirnya gue putusin buat berbahasa Indo. Yah, sebagai apresiasi aja. Gue masi orang Indo dan punya jiwa nasionalis kok *ehem* haahha

Dan karena hari spesial juga, gue terinspirasi buat dendongan pake tema Indonesia. Paling gampang sih, jelas... Merah Putih! Khas bendera kita banget kan tuh. Pas gue lagi mau dendong, tadi pagi gue liat salah satu temen gue yang juga blogger, Sheilla, juga bikin makeup yang sama. Jangan dibandingin! Tentunya bagusan dia.. Secara dia makeup artist beneran. Gue? MUA abal2 kali ya.. wakakak.. ga pernah makeupin orang sejujurnya. (PS. : Jangan lupa mampir ke blognya Sheilla juga ya! klik sini)

Okelah, sebelom gue makin bawel, boleh lah liat makeup gue yang rada berantakan ini...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Bunny Diary

Hello folks! Welcome to my blog's new segment! This segment will be specially dedicated to my super cute little bunny, Chobi. Mostly it will be a picture of the day of Chobi. xDD

Chobi enjoys being petted on the head. He lays his head on the floor when I do this

FOTD : Girls Day Out

Hello folks! xDD Yesterday I planned to hang out with my girl friends to Collete and Lola, a cake cafe at Southern Jakarta. However we failed to try the cakes as the cafe is full that time. X(( so we detoured to Lotte Shopping Avenue instead. xDD

I only do a simple, neutral eye makeup yesterday but since I got plenty of time I decided to curl my hair with my triple barrel waver. xDD

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TIPS : Essential Makeup Tools

Hello folks! This idea has been on my mind for quite a while, but I never gotten a chance to snap a pic of my brushes, but yesterday I've just washed all brushes and I thought it will be a good chance.

Makeup brushes. For most beauty enthusiast, it's easy to tell apart each of the brushes' purposes, but some people, especially beginners, are having hard time. That's why I'm bringing up this topic! Let's just begin, okay? ;D

Friday, August 9, 2013

FOTD : Simple Eid-Mubarak Themed + Quick Review Chanel Complete Correction Cream (CC Cream) SPF 30/PA +++

Hello again, folks! First, let me say this :


I am not a Moslem myself so I don't celebrate, but I do take this chance, along with my mom and sister plus my man to visit my grandmother's house. Then we hit the mall xDD

My look is inspired by the Eid Mubarak, when the color green and yellow/gold dominate the decorations.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello Again!! :)

Hi, folks! I miss you a lot. Been in hiatus for around... 2 months, I guess? or more? This post will be pretty short, but with quite a lot pics, but I promise to be talkative as usual next time! ><

Well, here's what you missed about me for these past two months (or more) :