Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello Again!! :)

Hi, folks! I miss you a lot. Been in hiatus for around... 2 months, I guess? or more? This post will be pretty short, but with quite a lot pics, but I promise to be talkative as usual next time! ><

Well, here's what you missed about me for these past two months (or more) :

1. OB for Shu Uemura Launching Event, Debenhams Senayan City, 18 May 2013
 Ok, I know it's super outdated and Shu Uemura probably has launched another series but I feel guilty if not "reporting".. Well, at least some pics representing the event xDD

The model for makeup demo

Fellow blogger Rini Cesilia won as best dressed~ she dressed as the Sakura Fairy

Me and the artist  along with her creation of my face in form of bookmark (sorry I forgot her name)

The bookmark. FYI, it's drawn w/ MAKEUP!! Does the pic look like me? xDD

Goodie bag worth over IDR 1 Million. It contains :
-Powder Foundation + Case
-Makeup pouch
-Macaroons <3

2. I got a new camera!!

This one's Samsung SmartCamera WB250F. It's a travel zoom camera. It zooms up to 21x, but I don't really use the zoom anyway. The reason I decided to buy this was that this cam has a CMOS sensor type, which is better for capturing low light shots. I often take pictures at night, so this kind of sensor would help me. The other reason, it has the SmartShare feature which allows me to share the newly taken picture into my smartphone at ease. I can upload my pic to instagram right away! One more reason, it has a wide choice of smart mode, from Beauty Face (blurs imperfections and enhance makeup shades~ no need to edit!), Macro (capturing close objects like my eye details), to Low Light (utilizing the CMOS sensor to capture night shots). It also has a pop up flash light. Pretty unique <3 I am satisfied

3. Welcoming new family member

Say hello to this little bunny :
Name : Chobi
D.O.B : end of April 2013 (currently 3 months old now)
Sex : Male
Race : Fuzzy Lop

If you're friend with me on Facebook, or have been following me on twitter and instagram, you might've been familiar with him. Yes, he's my little pet rabbit!
It's actually my little sister's pet, but we've been raising him together. She actually bought a female one, but she's died a week after arriving at my house due to diarrhea :"( We're so sad.
I will be posting more pics of him in the future ><

Anyway.. In the future I planned to make some changes in my blog. I've been asking my big bro to help me designing my blog's layout, and I would also like to change my style of postings. Well, I'll see you in the next post, okay? 

EDIT : I forgot to upload this bonus pic xDD
My (old) FOTD Pic!! Ahahaha
I forgot the items I used here, but I remember using :
*Chanel Joues Contraste in #74 Ultra Rose
*Maybelline Color Tattoo "Edgy Emerald"
*Vivian Pineapple Lens "Brown"

This pic also serves as a sample pic of my new camera, using Beauty Face mode. xDD no additional photoscape editing 

Reen <3


  1. That goodie bag looks great! Your new bunny is so cute!

    Lorraine xx

  2. it's true. I am surprised how generous Shu could be. xDD

    thanks. he's indeed the cutest :p


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