Monday, October 29, 2012

REVIEW : Benefit The POREfessional

My first trial for this product was through a sample I got from my business partner. I immediately fall in love for the silky powdery texture it made on my skin <3 I consider this product as my current HG Primer. The tube in this pic is my second tube. Yeah, I've been repurchasing it!

Benefit The POREfessional

According to its website and also description on the box, Benefit The POREfessional is a pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores. It is under the primer category in the web. It is one of Benefit's top, best selling product.

POREfessional comes in a bluish green tube contains of 22 ml of the product. It retails at USD 30. Really pricey for a small tube like this! I've even buying Monistat which have similar texture like this as a dupe, but nothing beats this! Oh well...
The tube, as seen in the picture above, was packaged within a box with same color and pattern as the tube. There's also a tips & tutorial leaflet coming along. What I really like from this packaging is that the new tube has a seal on its tip, keeping the product's sanitary.

Safety Seal

Tips & Tutorial Leaflet

The POREfessional is actually a tinted gel-like substance, probably because its main ingredient is silicone (Dimethicone). The product is tinted translucent beige, which can helps to even out any uneven skin tone. It can also covers my blackheads. Lol. As I've said before, the texture is very silky and powdery. It leaves my skin feels so smooth upon application. My foundation and concealer glide smoothly over this product.

I mainly use this product as a face primer/base, rather than pore-minimizing effect. I didn't have too large pores, but they're visible. When zoomed. LOL.  Despite minimizing the pores, I'd say this product works by blurring the appearance of pores, rather than filling it and make it looks disappear. It can also controls oil on face, but it's only decent. My nose starts to get slightly oily after 4 or 5 hours. Well, it's still better than Monistat though, which got my nose much oilier than POREfessional do after the same time length.

This product also has a slight fragrance. It's not as strong as MUFE HD Primer though, so I guess people who're not into perfumey makeup could stand this. I find it kinda pleasant, though!

Pro(s) :
-Smooth, silky powdery texture
-Doesn't cause breakout
-Can even out skin tone
-Has a slight, pleasant smell

Con(s) :

Have any of you tried this product yet? ;D

Reen <3


  1. I have one, but have not open the seal. Sayang :))

    With love,

    Follow me back? Thankies dear

    1. open and give it a try! I really love this one.. ><

    2. and I've followed you back! :D

  2. I love this product . I have this in samples instead of actual product because i have received a ton of the samples from sephora which i love! Save me a lil bit of money haha

    1. Aku juga first time nyoba sample nya.. tp yg d sample kok sptny too dry ya? heheh ><


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