Friday, October 5, 2012

REVIEW : KAO Liese Bubble Hair Dye in "Platinum Beige" + FOTD

Waahh... I neglected my blog!! >< I've been really busy with my assignment so I have very little time for my blog.. >< My shop was also a little bit neglected back then..
However, things are wrapped up right now, and I gain my free time back to take care of my blog and shop... <3

Anyway, last Friday I dyed my hair again. You know, my hair grows so black roots started to appear. At first, I was intended to dye my hair with Freshlight Hair Dye in "Juicy Apricot", but, I suffered quite painful allergic reaction so I decided to wash it off immediately. Oh my.. I wasted IDR 140.000 (USD 14.00) for an inflammation on my scalp.. T^T

However, my hair had absorbed a little amount of the dye, so a part of my hair is lighter than other part. The worst, my roots was still black!!! T^T.. I really hate the uneveness.
So I decided to buy another hair dye. This time, I bought Liese, since I've ever use Liese and got no allergic experience. :D I choose the color "Platinum Beige", a nice ash-toned Brown <3
You've seen the item on my previous haul post.. xDD

KAO Liese Bubble Hair Dye in "Platinum Beige"

KAO Liese Bubble Hair Dye in "Platinum Beige" - Color Example on Light Hair

KAO Liese Bubble Hair Dye in "Platinum Beige" - Color Chart

 I've dyed my hair 2 and a half times (I count the Freshlight one as half time, since the color had absorbed partially). This is my third time.

However, my hair seems to be a stubborn one, I didn't go lighter dramatically, but gradually instead. First time dyeing my hair, I use Dariya Palty Bubble Hair Dye in "Strawberry Jam", which turned out as brown-black (my natural hair color isn't really black) with a hint of red, rather than bright red as the chart shown. For second time, I use Kao Liese in "Cassis Berry", in order to make the red tone appears more on my hair. So basically my hair had a hint of red-brown residue. In accordance to the color chart pictured above, I expected to get a result between light and very light color hair.

KAO Liese Bubble Hair Dye in "Platinum Beige" - Kit

The pic above shows Liese's kit :
-Coloring agent (40ml) - in small, tabasco-like dark maroon bottle
-Developer agent (60ml) - in the transparent bottle, which later used to mix the agents
-Pump cap - to turn the mixture into foam type
-Gloves and Allergy Test Card - wrapped in a transparent plastick; the gloves are made from rubber.
-Nourishing Leave-on Conditioner - to be applied after rinsing
-Manual Instruction Leaflet

KAO Liese has a really generous amount of product in my opinion. It has much more than Palty. Since my hair is really short, I use this sharingly with my little sister who has much longer hair than me. We used them up for all over my hair, and adding more and more mixture in hope to get a lighter result, but we ended up having leftover, unlike Palty which run out completely after I applied to my own hair and also my boyfriend's hair (lol!) >< Really generous, huh?

Anyway, I am really satisfied with the result!! Just like I expected, I got the result in between the light and very light. It's not too blonde, but it isn't too dark either. My friends noticed my hair goes quite a lot lighter than before.

After First Wash - not counting rinsing

After Second Wash

As you can see, the pics above are really bad :( The lighting made my hair looks darker, as if it's only changed a bit in color. >< But you might could notice the change in tone, from reddish-brown into yellowish/ashy. ><
Love KAO Liese so much... <3 <3

Reen <3


  1. udah pernah coba bubble hair yang lain ce? aku penasaran, tp bingung liese/palty.. bagus mana ya? >.<

    following you now! XD

    1. pas pake palty rambutku virgin hair.. jadinya di rambut gelap banget.. T^T anyway aku agak sensi sama si palty.. agak dikit perih.. kalo liese bener2 ga ada reaction.. Warna liese jg lebi masuk..

      I've followed you too.. <3


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