Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RANDOM : Another Favorite Drink; Mama Roz

Aside from coffee, I do like another kinds of drink, namely teas, juices, yogurt drink, and milk. And also mineral water. lol

But this drink is special for me. Mama Roz. A local brand here in my country that supplies healthy drink from flavored soy milks to fresh mixed fruit juices.
The pic below is my favorite variant, Soya Green Tea; a soy milk with green tea flavor. (This is the first time I posted an edited pic, -aside from only cropping- though it's only simple edit from instagram.xD)

Mama Roz Soya Green Tea

Mama Roz usually came in TWO size capacity; a small bottle in about... well.. I actually didn't really remember since I rarely buy small sizes.. Maybe 250ml or 300ml.. And the big bottle, like mine which is depicted above contained 600ml of product. A small bottle is enough for one serving as an exchange for one big meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner), while a big bottle could actually serve as an exchange for TWO meals. I myself drink one big bottle at once. >,< Usually I take them for breakfast, or after work out.

The variant of soy milk; Soya; are available in three flavors, Vanilla, Green Tea, and Cappuccino. I love them, but I rarely find the vanilla flavor. It sold out real fast! Soya is the cheapest variant, you can get a big bottle of soya vanilla for IDR 12.000 (USD 1.20) and Soya Green Tea or Cappuccino costs you IDR 15.000 (USD 1.50).

The other variant is fruit juices, there are much more variants for this juice. There are single fruit juices like strawberries, apples,oranges, etc.; and also mixed fruits; two fruits like Strawberries & Apples, Strawberries & Oranges, Oranges & Carrots, etc.; or three fruits like strawberries, oranges, and bananas. The price for big bottle varies from IDR 20.000 (USD 2.00) to IDR 25.000 (USD 2.50) depends on how many kinds of fruit was in there and what kind of fruit. Those contains strawberries and pineapples are the most expensive (if I'm not mistaken).

Mama Roz claimed they only use fresh fruits and natural ingredients, also serve them with no preservatives, thus proves their short shelf life (only 3-4 days!!), and also vary in taste. I've ever drank a bottle of soya green tea which is too sweet for my liking, and in other time, it was not that sweet which I love very much.. <3 For the fruits, you might found sourness and sweetness level vary between bottles. You might also find the rough clumps of fruits; orange pulps, strawberries seeds, well, something like that.

All Mama Roz products can only be stored in cool places (refrigerator) and can't stand heat or room temperature. I remembered leaving a quarter bottle of this product (I was already too full to drink them all), and the next day, bacteria started to ruin the product. HORRIBLE...

Mama Roz can be find in both local and imported supermarket and/or hypermarkets, but I mostly find them still in stock in imported supermarkets like Ranch Market of The Food Hall. Mama Roz's company also serves free local delivery to Jakarta area only (lucky me! <3) every morning. You can check out their website here to see their complete catalog of products.

I really want to subscribe, but since I find them quite expensive (14.000 to 25.000 for one time comsumption??), I'd prefer buy them through supermarkets.. ><

Has any of you tried this? Which flavor do you like?
Or do you have any other favorite meal-substitute drinks?
Share me your thoughts. <3

Reen <3

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