Sunday, October 7, 2012

REVIEW : The Skin Food Cucumber Soothing Mask Wash-Off

Cucumber is well known as a plant (I really don't know whether its a veggie or with a lot of benefits. As a food, it contains a lot vitamins effective to soothe your throat (after all-fried meals) and also it can helps moisten your skin. It contains plenty of water too. Another benefit, it's also great for very dry to combination, sensitive skin like mine. It moisture your skin without making it greasy.

Based on those benefits of cucumber, I choose to buy a Cucumber Soothing from The Skin Food. -I'd prefer a Korean brand for this since my skin can't hold Western skin care brands.- The mask is a wash off type.

The Skin Food Cucumber Soothing Mask Wash Off

 The price isn't too pricey. I got mine from my fave shop Drolly Pop at IDR 79.000 (USD 7.90). One pot of this mask contains 100ml of product.

The product itself is actually looks like gel. It's translucent green (just like cucumber's green). If you rub it, either on your face or just between your fingertips, you'll find out the texture is kinda crumbly. The texture, along with its strong cucumber fragrant make this mask feels like a natural homemade cucumber mask, in my opinion.

The Skin Food Cucumber Soothing Mask Wash Off

To use the product, you just need to apply it all over your face. The green gel will turn into transparent layer of mask. Even if it's transparent, people can tell if you are using it, because the crumbly substance is kinda visible.

Using the mask~ ^^

See? Beside its visible crumbles, it's also very shiny.. Although not greasy. After leaving it for about 10-15 minutes, the mask will turn really sticky. You can wash it off by now. I like to use a towel soaked in lukewarm water to wash the mask off, but it's not that necessary. You can also rinse it off with room-temperature water (cool water).

After using the mask, my skin feels softer, brighter, and supple. It doesn't irritate my skin, too! (I've ever used an Etude House Sheet Mask, and it's irritating my face so badly.. T^T)

After masking <3

I'm not used to see my pic without makeup.. >< Anyway, this pic also prove I didn't play any photoshop/picture editing just to make my skin looks perfectly flawless. This is the real me.. hehe.. I do have flaws anyway.. ><



If you have a combination to dry skin and tends to be sensitive, I recommend you to try this product, twice a week. Never overuse it! It's not good for your skin!

*Pro(s) :
-Has a very fresh cucumber scent
-Budget friendly
-Works effectively

*Con(s) :
-The pot packaging feels a little bit unsanitary

Repurchase? Maybe.. I would like to try My Beauty Diary Masks, since it was raved by everyone.. ><

Reen <3


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