Wednesday, October 17, 2012

REVIEW : EOS Fay in "Blue" + "No Makeup" Makeup Tutorial

Finally I'm adding a new stuff for my lens collection. Ok, well, not technically adding; it's replacing. I just remembered that my BC Lens have expired already, so I throw them off and obtain myself this baby. It's the newest series from EOS Lens.

Specifications :
Diameter : 14.50mm
B.C. : 8.6
Water Content : 52%
Duration : 12 months

This lens is my second EOS Lens. My first was EOS Jewelry "Grey", which I reviewed here. This is also my second blue lens after Mibuki Aya, however, I count this one as my first "true blue" lens, since Mibuki Lens would turn black on my eyes.. T^T

EOS Fay Blue has a light blue color. I found it a little bit vampiry-esque. The color comes out very brightly when used on eyes. Compared to another series of lens from this brand, Blytheye, Fay's blue is lighter, while Blytheye is darker. Blytheye's blue comes out very brightly too, though. The pattern is quite commonly found at any other lenses, but what makes it unique is that EOS Fay has an inner dot pattern shaped like a star. It disappeared on eyes, though.. x( What I love from EOS is they have a range of vibrant colors that come out vibrantly on my dark eyes. The other comparable brand is i.Fairy.

Being only 14.50 mm in diameter, EOS Fay doesn't do a great job at enlarging my eyes. I have a slightly squint eye, not too obvious, but can be disguised by wearing larger circle lenses. This lens can't do that greatly. It DOES disguise the squint, but only a little bit.. >< I have to take a lot of pic before I get a decent one to be put here, like below.  The black limbal ring is quite thick, but it got thinner while on eyes. Wonder why.. ><

COMFORT (4.5/5)
I know I said EOS Jewelry is very comfortable back then. However, as I wore them more, I found it being not too comfy. I have to steam it regularly to maintain its comfort. Well, maybe the main issue is on its thickness. EOS Fay is different from Jewelry, however. The lens is actually thinner than Jewelry, thus provides more comfort on eyes. I do feel tired after about 8 hours of wearing. It doesn't dry my eyes, though, even with its high water content.

Here's pic of me wearing the lens <3 
I did a "No Makeup" look here. I usually donned this kind of makeup to univ. But well, since I don't really like putting makeup on to go to univ, I only do this when my face is looking tired and need some fresh look. xD This look is inspired by the supermodels. The tutorial has ever been explained in a local magazine in my country,but with some improvements from me. LOL

Steps :
1. Apply face primer thinly all over your face. (Optional. I wear Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel)
2. Dot some concealer on the inner corner of the eye, and under eye. Dot some too on any blemishes you wish to conceal. Blend by patting the concealer with fingertips. (I use Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in "Light")
3. Apply face powder all over your face to set the primer and concealer. (I use M.A.C. Studio Careblend/Pressed in "Light Plus")
4. Fill your brow. Choose a brown color to achieve natural looking brow. (I use E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Treat and Tame in "Medium", only the Tame side)
5. Swipe a natural colored blush onto cheek bones using blush brush. (TIPS : Use a peachy-pink/peachy-coral shade to achieve a fresh natural looking glow. I use E.L.F. Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzer Duo, only the Blush part)
6. Using eyeshadow brush, swipe the same blush onto your lid, just thinly. This will give your eyes a brighter and fresher look.
7. Apply a mascara thinly on your lashes. A lengthening mascara is recommended. You can also use a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to achieve a more natural looking, curly lashes. Simply blend the petroleum jelly between your thumb and finger, then rub it carefully onto your lashes. (I use Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara here).
8. Last, apply lip balm. You can also use a tinted lip balm or a sheer gloss to give your lips a fresh color. I myself only use a lip balm. (Skin Food Shea Butter Lip Care Bar in "Watermelon")

I usually took about 15 minutes to finish this look. Well, you can finish it quicker than me. I'm a slow person :p

Reen <3


  1. bagus wrn eos fay ini. mirip bytheye juga.

    1. Biruny blytheye lebi tua.. tp sama2 gonjreng... ga tau deh kalo d mata gue segonjreng apa blytheye...


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