Saturday, August 23, 2014

[REVIEW] B.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads

Welcome back, folks! As I promised, I'll tell you my experience when using B.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads!

B.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads

Thursday, August 21, 2014

[INTRODUCTION] B.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Head

Hey folks! Sorry for the late update! I am supposedly to publish this post days before, but since I am quite busy preparing for my upcoming trip, the post has been kinda.. neglected... lol.

My biggest issue since I was teenager is BLACKHEADS. I need to cap that. Blackheads. I really hate them. They're as stubborn as my head (lol); no matter what method I use, I never been able to get rid of them.

Then one day I got an email from a company named Cellnique who offered me to review one of its company line's, B.liv, product. The product name is Off With Those Head. Interesting name, huh?

And here's what the product looks like :

B.liv by Cellnique Off With Those Head

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[TIPS] How to Clean Your Skin Properly

Hello folks!
This idea about today's post has been in my thoughts since quite a while. I did a little chit chat with several of my friends about this, and I realized that quite a lot of girls don't really know how to cleanse their face properly, especially after they were wearing makeup. So, I will share you some tips.


Monday, August 11, 2014

[FEATURED] Rings and Its Meaning for Me

Hi folks! Long time no see. Well, this sentence seems to be my some kind of must-said words in my post lately, huh?
If I was busy with final thesis last time, this time I was unfortunate because my laptop is broken T_T
Not a major break actually, just a letter on the keyboard wouldn't respond. But since that letter was contained in my password, then it became a major break. Crappy, I know. So I just got time to bring my laptop to service centre and voila! The fact that I am posting a blog right now is a proof that my laptop has been fixed! Yay!

Okay, move into the main topic as written in my post title. Rings. What comes in your mind when you hear about ring? Engagement?