Thursday, July 19, 2012

TIPS : Treating Sensitive Skin Right, and Curing Breakouts

Hi, folks! I'm back.
For today, I'll tell you about my little secret on how to cure my breakout.
As I've ever said in my very first post, I have a very dry to slightly combination skin (my cheeks are very dry, but my nose and forehead are kinda oily).
Also, my skin is extremely sensitive, which explains the acne-proneness on my dry skin. (You know, I always come out with a theory that dry skin couldn't be acne-prone. Just. My. Theory. Anyway)
It also tends to get itchy, irritated, inflamed, flake off easily.
Horrible, isn't it?

So I always being careful when it comes to choosing the right cosmetics products, especially skincare and base makeups (foundations, powders).
But you know, sometimes we don't know which product may cause breakout, do we? We might stumbled into a product that -people said- won't break you out because they used it on their -so-called sensitive skin and survived!
I didn't blame their "deceptive" opinion, no. What I wanna say here is, that every single person has different skin condition. I think a little trial and error wouldn't be a sin. Don't you agree?

That's why I'm writing this. Yeah, I wanna share it to you some first aids on how to treat and cure your skin when it breaks out.
Believe me, it'll be simple ;D

When blemishes/pimples/acnes start to appear, you should stop using the product you suspect for causing it.
DON'T ever try to treat it with blemish treatment ranges of skincare. NEVER. I know some people who're not used to have so many pimples on their face would panicked, but applying some other random products wildly on your face won't help. It'll cause the breakout to get worse. Let your skin rest!
I also suggest you to stop wearing makeups for a certain time until the blemishes reduced. But, if you can't do that, just shorten the length of your time wearing makeup.
While your skin rest from those makeup that tires it, do your skincare routine just like usual. Don't add the frequency or dosage, nor reducing it. The blemishes should be cured in a few days to a week. After that, you are free to play again with your beauty stuffs. :)

Redness, Itchiness, Inflammations, and Flakiness
Having dry-sensitive skin may means that you're prone to those symptoms. Well, at least I'm prone to those things. If one of these symptoms (or more) start to occur, you should stop using the products that caused it. Try to calm the skin with some calming agents like petroleum jelly. Don't try to scratch your itchy skin. It could hurt your skin and make all the reactions worse. I always pat my itchy skin gently with my fingertips to reduce the itchiness, and also preventing my naughty hands to scratch it.
If your skin suffers from inflammation (on my skin, I could feel a sign of warmth when I touched my skin), you can help to calm it down by rubbing your inflamed skin with ice. And then let it be for a while. Remember not to try to put any other products on it.
If your skin flaked out, don't try to rub it or pull the flaked skin. It'll hurt your face! Instead, put some gentle moisturizer (you usually wear) on the flakes. I don't suggest you to use peeling agent, or exfoliators, because it can worsen your irritated skin. You can start using those products when your skin is calmed down already.

Choosing and selecting the most suitable skincare and makeup range for your skin is very important to prevent breakouts, but I strongly suggest you to see and consult a dermatologist to help you find the best treatment for your skin. After all, they are the ones who know your skin (and its needs) the best. Not even you sometimes know what your skin need.
Treating your skin rightly and gently is also important to achieve a trouble-free skin. Give your skin exactly what its need. :)

I hope this post will help you settle down when your skin broke out. :)
Good luck on your way to have a trouble-free skin^^
If you also have any other tricks to treat your breakout, please feel free to share it with me. I'd love to know. :)

Thanks for reading my post.
See you next time..
Reen <3

NOTE : These tips are based on my own experience, hence I am not responsible about its effectiveness to other people. I tried my best to share things that works well with me. I am happy, though, if this post can be a help for you. :)

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