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REVIEW - E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Treat and Tame in "Medium"

Hello, folks!
I'm back with a new review^^

This time I'll review an eye a brow product. It's from my favorite drugstore brand, Eyes Lips Face a.k.a. E.L.F. I love their products for being cheap in price, but the quality is not that cheap.. ^o^
The product I am about to review is this one :

E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame - Medium
I purchased it for IDR 60.000 (Equals USD 6.00, twice the original price on the web, but still quite cheap.) from TwentySeven Shop on Facebook, because E.L.F. doesn't ship their product to my country.

This is what the web says about this product :
Create manicured and styled brows that are beautiful and defined. Treat your eyebrows with a hair re-growth, vitamin infused gel formula to help stimulate hair follicles so your once thin and sparse brows become thicker. Tame eyebrows with a fiber enhanced eyebrow mascara formula for fuller and more natural looking brows. The special fiber infused mascara grips onto even your finest brow hair to create a beautiful healthy and enhanced look. 

This product came with two different kinds of gel; the clear-colored gel one that's called "Treat" and the brown-colored gel one that's called "Tame". Both sides have a different shape of applicators too. I'll review them separately in sections since they have different purposes.

The "Treat" Side

The "Treat" side is a clear-colored gel which is meant to help us treating our eyebrows so they will grow healthy and also can helps you gaining a fuller eyebrow look.
The applicator comes in a brush-like shape, and honestly, I'm not a fan of them. I find it hard to use and
instead of making my eyebrows look naturally fuller, it makes my eyebrows look a rather clumpy and too bushy. So unnatural, in my opinion. Too bad. :(
I think it'll be better if E.L.F. change that little applicator into a screw-brush applicator one, just like the Tame side. ;D
E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame - Treat's Applicator

Swatch of "Treat" side on my eyebrow. Left - NOTHING, Right - with Treat applied

As you can see on the picture, the Treat gel is rather clumps my eyebrow. While I like the thickness it made, I can't stand the clumpiness. :( 
I'd prefer not using this too often xDD

Pro(s) :
-Gel dries easily after applied

Con(s) :
-Applicator is hard to use

The "Tame" Side

E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame - Tame Side

The "Tame" side is the colored gel and the actual eyebrow coloring product. Mine's medium, means not too light and not too dark.
It came with a screw-brush applicator, similar to mascara's. The applicator is chubby and equally in the same width from the tip to the brush's end.
Just like the "treat"'s applicator, I am also disliking this applicator. It's too wide to be used on my thin eyebrows, making it hard to control.
E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame - Tame's Applicator

The color gel is not too pigmented, either. I have to apply it a few times before the color begins to show up, unlike my Kanebo Kate Eyebrow Mascara (Reviewing it later!) The worst thing, it fades everytime I blend it with a brow brush, so I have to re-apply it and re-blend it VERY lightly. x(
The good thing, it's quite long lasting.:) Used it for about 3-4 hours and not even fading :)

Swatch of "Tame" side on my eyebrow

This thing is only good for those who don't want too much color on their eyebrows, in my opinion. I'd prefer using the eyebrow kit from E.L.F. to fill my eyebrows than using this. In fact, I only use this thing when I'm in hurry.

Pro(s) :
-Nice color
-Fills the eyebrow well
-Long lasting

Con(s) :
-Chubby Applicator
-Color not too pigmented
-Fades when being blended

Bottom line : While I really love the other E.L.F. products I have (lipstick, lip gloss, eyebrow kit), this one is a miss for me, especially the "treat" side which I feel quite useless. I will not repurchase this one. :(

How do you guys think? If you also have this product, please share your thoughts with me! I'd love to hear, especially when it's a hit for you :)

Thanks for reading my review, folks!
Hope you have a great day.
See you next time,
Reen <3

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