Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TIPS : Beauty Secrets Part II ~ Weekly Skin Care

Apart from your daily skincare, several "heavier" treatment should be done occasionally; namely once a week, or every 3 days. Mine's include peeling and masking.

Before I continue,I'd like to tell you (in case you don't know) why these kinds of skincare SHOULDN'T be done everyday.
First, peeling/exfoliating. It basically means you're peeling off the top layer of your skin, which is dead skin cells. It also helps cleaning your skin from any other impurities that's been accumulated on your skin. While cleansing has done most of the jobs on removing impurities, exfoliation gives your skin deeper cleansing. However, as your own skin cells only regenerates between 14 days (teens) to 40 days (adults until age 40s), exfoliating too often will actually damages your own skin. More about exfolation/peeling can be read here.

Second, mask. Mask gives your skin the extra nutrients it needs, apart from regular daily skin care. Excess usage of mask would damage your skin layers, as it absorbs more nutrients more than it should. The best time interval to do the masking is twice a week.

Okay, now move to my weekly products!
1. Cure Natural Aqua Gel
My HG peeling/exfoliator! This one's a Japan product, I've reviewed it here. This peeling is water based, and  very gentle even for sensitive, blemished skin, the truth, even if I do the peeling during my breakout, my acne didn't get worse AT ALL. Of course I won't do any peeling if my skin's irritated with inflammation.. xDD
I usually do the peeling once a week, before shower, peeling my entire face and also neck area. My skin would usually feel fresh, clean,and smooth after peeling.

2. The Skin Food Cucumber Soothing Wash Off Mask
This is a nice mask for sensitive skin! I've done the review here. It tingling my face a little bit, but still bearable. It gives a nice fresh feeling after being washed off and also moisturizes my skin after usage. I also use this to calm my irritated skin down. It's cooled down shortly after usage! Nice!

3. Missha Yogurt Plus Moisturizing Mask in Peach
The packaging's kinda unique; reminding me of real yogurt. However I don't like it pretty much. The jar's mouth pretty narrow, I bet it'll be hard for me to reach the product at the bottom part of the jar. The product's creamy and orange in color, with strong smell of peach. It goes transparent on skin. It tingles my face pretty much!! But it does a great job moisturizing my face. My skin feels really smooth after masking! Can also help to reduce dry patches too! I'm still in between whether I'll  be repurchasing this stuff or not.

1. When exfoliating, massage your face in circular motion, going outward. For neck and nose area, massage in up and down motion.
2. When masking, it's better to do it at night, as skin would absorb the nutrients better. Also, you're more relaxed at night, leaving your skin in a more relaxed conditions too.
3. Although you have more than 1 type of masks at home, you SHOULD NOT using it everyday (example : using my cucumber mask today and using my Missha shortly on the next day). It'll be too much for your skin. Do it sparingly for at least every 3 days (like I've mentioned).

I hope this helps you on deciding when to exfoliate and mask!

Reen <3

DISCLAIMER : This post is purely based on my experience. As skin condition between each person is different, I am not responsible if any of the tips here isn't working well on other people. I will definitely be happy if this works well, though.


  1. bagus postnyaaaaaa....=) likeeeyyy

  2. Reen cantik, Revlonnya tuh bagus sih warnanya, baunya aku ga ngeh.hehehe..kayak lipstick lama gitu baunya...weird abis...soalnya tuh, di website revlon, emang konspenya Classic lipstick gitu, product mereka yang terkenal pas awal keluar lipstiknya..so, it does smell like an old lipstick..lol...thanks for comment dear...=)

    1. Ahh pengen... where to buy? Kalo Bau2 lipstick kayanya Masi Bearable Lah ya.. heheh


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