Friday, July 13, 2012

Hair Obsession

Whoa... Takes me quite a time to make new post.. Boo me.. :(
Haven't prepared anything for make up reviews..

So I'm going to share a bit about my obsession. LONG HAIR
I've been cut my hair short for about... I don't know... maybe a year or so...

Before that, I keep my hair long until my mom force me to cut it because she said my hair is too messy if it's long likes short hair better.
Since I dislike arguing, I decided to cut it short per her request.
At first I like it because it gave me a fresh look, but then, I started to get bored with it, especially because IT TAKES TOO LONG FOR MY HAIR TO GROW.

Ahem.. well, sorry for the capital letters.. I grew impatient more and more... My hair doesn't seem wanting to grow longer than the currently chin-length (just like my profile picture one) even though I only cut 1-2cms of it for once in three months.. T^T
That's the reason I'm pretty obsessed with long hair now... **sigh**

So, I think about another solution. No... not hair extensions or clips. More extreme that that. 

I don't think I can wear clips or extensions because I am really sucks at clipping it on my head my hair is already too thick, and adding more layers of hair? My hair will look like Rapunzel :o

So I decided buying a half wig. It's actually a wig, but you wear it only from the crown of your head, making it looks like a hair band...

Here's me using the half-wig.. It's S-Cawaii Half Wig. Loose Curl. Hot Brunette

I think it's pretty nice..
But some people (including my own BF) dislike it... They said I look older w/ this hair style T^T

After that I started to consider a full wig. and then my first buy of the full wig (I didn't wear ANY make up here):
Kyoto Wig. Brown.
The wig doesn't have a style name or code. :)
It's nice, isn't it? 
My sisters and BF said it looks better on me than the half wig. Do you think so?

And then, getting pretty bored with curls and side bangs, I decided to buy another one (believe me, it'll be my LAST purchase of wigs.. Lol)

This time it's straight with front bangs like this :
Kyoto Wig. Black Brown
Just like the other wig, this one doesn't have any style name or code.
I LOOOOOVEEE this stuff!
There's a slight curl in the bottom, but that what's make the wig looks natural. 
My head is big (according to my big sister) so smoothing/rebonding-styled straight hair won't fit me.

What do you guys think?
Which hair suits me better?

EDIT : I forgot to mention where I bought these babies.. Silly me xDD
-Half Wig & Curly Wig : Hazelnutz Cawaii
-Straight Wig : BePretty SasaHolics
Both shops are Indonesian-based online shop. They sell their stuffs through Facebook ;D

Reen <3


  1. waahh.. paling suka deh sama dua wig terakhir! they make you look fresh and prettier.. thank you buat informasi olshopnya :D

  2. wig terakhir cantik banget dear... ^^ nyaman gak makenya? kepengen.:D


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