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[REVIEW] Benefit Cosmetics Dream Screen

Hi folks! If you follow my instagram, you might notice that I've uploaded this product a few months ago. Truthfully, I realized how important a sunscreen is just recently. Bad girl, huh? lol

I am not quite fond of sunscreens, actually. My sensitive skin doesn't react very well with it, and the ones I find acceptable on my skin, is too sticky to my liking. But this one is an exception. I've proven it!

Benefit Cosmetics Dream Screen

Benefit Cosmetics Dream Screen is Benefit's sunscreen product that has SPF 45/PA+++, which is pretty high. Living in a tropical country such as Indonesia, protection this high is an absolute must!

The packaging is made from sturdy plastic. The bottle is flat (sort of...) and minty green in color. I like it. The cap is pretty unique that it looks like a cork. The product name is labeled in white. It has a pointy tip to dispense the product (I don't find quite the right term for it.. My bad..xD), which is great if you're a hygiene freak. As for me, the tip is nice so you won't dispense too much product which is a waste. However you have to be careful though. If you shake the product too vigorously, the product will bleed around the tip, so you have to scrape it; which is not very hygienic, right?
Anyway, the outer box is also pretty as well, but I've already thrown mine to the trashbin. You can still see a glimpse of it in my instagram post, though.

 PRODUCT (4.5/5)
The product has SPF 45, which means it protects our skin really well from UVB, and also has PA+++, which is strong enough to protect us from UVA. Luckily, it doesn't cause me to break out. The product is milky white, but will turns out invisible upon blending. It's pretty runny. You need to shake really well before application, but don't shake too vigorously! As I've explained above, the product runny texture will bleed out if you shake too hard. The BA at the counter said this product suits people with dry skin better, but I guess this suits oily skin too, since it is able to control oils around my T-Zone good enough.

Although the product is runny, it doesn't glide that easily during blending. It also gives you a kinda thick, sticky, and waxy feel right after application, and also looks kinda greasy. However, when it dries, it turns matte, silky, powdery, and really lightweight. It's no longer sticky! Decepting! But I do have to remind you not to apply too much, or the thick, waxy feeling will last throughout the day. While it doesn't even out your skintone or gives any coverage, it does smooth out your skin quite well. I think this works similarly with POREfessional. In fact, adding POREfessional on top of this product gives me a smooth, flawless looking skin. I don't even need to apply foundation anymore! (But I do have to apply concealers, though!)
One very great thing from this product that it doesn't leave me with that super horrible white cast on my face when I take picture with flash. Nice!

The most important thing in sunscreens is its longevity, am I right? Luckily, this product lasts long enough on my skin, with or without powder on top of it. I can't tell if it's waterproof/water resistant or not, though. xD The product stays put on my skin for approx. 6-7 hours before it starts to feel less powdery than when I just applied it. But, sun doesn't shine for the whole 24 hours a day, huh? I guess that time range is enough.

Pro(s) :
*Silky and powdery
*Doesn't leave white cast
*Long lasting

Con(s) :
*Expensive (IDR 410.000 for 45ml)
*Hard to blend
*Too runny

OVERALL (4.5/5)
Benefit Dream Screen is my current HG sunscreen for now. It's lightweight, silky, powdery, and matte. It smoothen the skin appearance; if you have not too many skin problems, you'll find out that you won't need foundation or powder anymore. and is also able to control oil secretion, although not as good as oil-control specific products. Despite the small bottle size, I found that a little goes along the way. You won't need too much product to cover your entire skin, or you'll feel like your face is covered with wax.

Repurchase? YES, definitely!

Reen <3


  1. the mint packaging looks so nice. I'm glad that they don't leave white cast :)
    thanks for sharing.



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