Monday, August 11, 2014

[FEATURED] Rings and Its Meaning for Me

Hi folks! Long time no see. Well, this sentence seems to be my some kind of must-said words in my post lately, huh?
If I was busy with final thesis last time, this time I was unfortunate because my laptop is broken T_T
Not a major break actually, just a letter on the keyboard wouldn't respond. But since that letter was contained in my password, then it became a major break. Crappy, I know. So I just got time to bring my laptop to service centre and voila! The fact that I am posting a blog right now is a proof that my laptop has been fixed! Yay!

Okay, move into the main topic as written in my post title. Rings. What comes in your mind when you hear about ring? Engagement?

Ring is one of my favorite accessories. And.... ring has a somewhat deep meaning for me. For me, ring is a sign of commitment. Well, you know... Engagement ring, wedding rings... Something like that. I wear one in my left ring finger; a gift from my man as a sign of his commitment to marry me in the future. (Aw, I am being cheesy.) But it doesn't mean that I don't like fashion/statement ring. Oh I do like those! I keep several fashion rings too! I usually wear fashion rings on another fingers, because I never put away my man's ring. I personally love stackable rings, like the one I found in Zalora's ring page. Looking at their ring collections surely make me gone crazy because I like almost all of them! lol You should take a peek, they also sell other fashion items like clothes, bags, etc.

Have a great day folks!
Reen <3

Disclaimer : This post is an advertorial post.

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