Monday, January 14, 2013

RANDOM : Accessories Organizing and Collection

Okay, this is not beauty related. In fact, it's fashion. Back then, I was kinda having hard time keeping my accessories. I kept the earrings in one tiny jar, and the necklaces in a tin box. They all got mixed up, and the necklaces got tangled. -___-

Luckily, when I go to ACE Hardware, a local hardware chain store in my country, I found this :

 It's actually a toolbox. I know. But it's better than that small jar or tin box.. >< I've considered buying a display, but I would end up looking like I'm selling my accessories -___- Thinking to buy a jewelry box too, but I don't think I really need it, since jewelry boxes are commonly very spacious and have a lot of spaces for rings. I'm not really a fan of rings. I usually just wear my silver ring one I got from my boyfriend. **blushed**

Here's the inside look of the box :

I put my bracelet sets in the largest compartment on the very right part of the box. I bought those sets at Blair's Bazaar and they're kinda the signature handmade items of the shop. They're my favorite! Next, on the second largest compartment, I put my long necklaces and stoned bracelets. The silver necklaces on the top right there was bought at Blair's Bazaar too, while the gold one with coin-ish ornament there is Forever21. Both the Blue and the pearlescent bracelets are from Forever21. Right under my pearlescent bracelet is my small beaded bracelet. It's a toy bracelet, I forgot where I bought it. I think it's from random stand at Supermall Karawaci, when I was still in Junior High School. I also put my only simple necklace I got from Forever21 in one compartment with my blue bracelets there. You can't see it as it's underneath the bracelets ><

Onto the smallest parts of my box, I use them mostly to organize my earrings. I put my largest drop earrings separately in one compartment, and then several bigger earrings (like my butterfly earrings and peach flowers earrings) in other compartment. I often buy earrings set from Forever21, so I basically put each set in one compartment. separating them from other earrings. I also put my rings there. In the lowest small compartments there, I put my other necklaces. ><

Well, I know I'm not good at organizing. LOL. But I am really glad I found this box. No more wasting time fixing my tangled necklace, or digging the pile of earrings anymore. xDD

Reen <3

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