Thursday, August 16, 2012

FASHION HAUL : Heatwave Shoes

Every women love high heels. And so do I. Even though I am actually a tomboy, I do think that I have to keep a pair or two high heels; casual enough for hanging out, and formal enough so I can wear it to parties (such as weddings). FYI, my shoes collection is dominated with flat shoes. xDD

Last week, I was considering to buy new pair of high heels. My sisters suggested me to buy Heatwave for two main reasons : they're comfortable, and they're available to purchase via online shopping. Heatwave DOES have a lot of designs that I can choose, of course! I won't consider buying Heatwave if they don't have pretty shoes.
These are what I bought in the end :
My Heatwave Shoes Collections 

Unique to Heatwave's shoes, their collections are named after girls' name. For example, my shoes above, are named Gladys (the blue one), and Andrea (the black one). The price is average. The fact, it's pretty cheap compared to other imported shoes (Heatwave is from Singapore, they claimed). The Gladys is IDR 369.000 and the Andrea is IDR 429.000. And, just like my sisters said, they're comfortable! I have yet to wear it outside the house. Will wear it ASAP!

However, I didn't buy both shoes via online shopping. In fact, Gladys is the only one I bought via their Facebook. The Andrea one, I purchased them at their offline store at TA (Mall Taman Anggrek). I'd prefer buying shoes at stores than online, because I can try on the shoes in stores, to make sure the shoe design suits my feet and legs shape, and also easier for me to get the right size. I ordered Gladys online because my size is out of stock at store.

I received my order yesterday. I was quite surprised with the packaging, because it's pretty bulky! But when I opened it, I figured it out the bulk size of the box is to keep the shoes in shape during shipment process.
Outer Side of Box
Inside the Box. (The brown paper on the right is the actual shoebox)

Just like other shoes, I also got its shoe box along the shoes, which is still disassembled and placed below the shoes itself in the big shipping box. I just throw it away, anyway. Lol.

About purchasing online, I can say that I am very satisfied with Heatwave staff's service.They're kind and responsive. The staff had told me beforehand that shipment of my shoes will be delayed since they had to take the shoes out from their other store (my shoes size is also out of stock in their head office that time).
I also got this thing since I bought it during promo period :

Cash back voucher worth IDR 50.000 for next online purchase! Yay! Really love it.. <3
I've already targeting one pair of flats shoes. I will buy it with the voucher! <3

Ofiicial Website :
Stores : 
ITC Mangga Dua Lt. 4 Blok C no.29A-29C

Carla Gallery - Istana Plaza
Carla On Stage - Paris Van Java

Sun Plaza Lt.2 Blok D no.03B

Tunjungan Plaza III Lt. 3 No. 22

Palembang Square Lt. 2 No. 68
**taken from Heatwave's Facebook page


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