Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Favorite Online Shop

You know, I'd prefer shop beauty stuffs online than shop in stores, due to the fact that I often having hard times communicating with strangers (especially store's staffs.. lol). It's also more convenient for me since I don't have to take any single step :p **lazybum**

Based on my preference above, it's very obvious that I knew a lot of trusted online shop. They do sell "trusts" anyway, beside physical products they offered. I know this because I do run an online shop^^

So today, I'd like to share it to you my favorite online shop (all shop are Indonesian-based shop through Facebook, while some stores also have their own websites) :

1. Drolly Pop
My number 1 favorite store! The owner is Linda, which is happen to be the same age as me! She's very kind! I have been her loyal customer since I'm in high school. She sells Korean beauty brands for the lowest price (compared to some other stores), but I myself often orders drugstore.com's products from her.

2. Butterfly Beauty
It's my own shop! Lol. But I do recommend you to visit my store.. <3 I sell authentic American beauty brands and also circle lenses. Stay tuned on my blog and I might give you special offers when shopping at my shop^^

3. Nadeshiko Beautyshop
My favorite shop to buy Japanese beauty stuffs! She offers quite low price. <3 The owner is very kind too, and her recommendations were trusted.

4. Palacio de Bella II
Another favorite store, she sells American and European beauty brands too. She has a lot of ready stocks, which made this store one of my favorite. Her store is also recommended by a lot of peoples.

5. Hazelnutz Cawaii
This is the place where I bought my wigs. She has the widest range of wigs, and hair clips extensions. The shipping fee to my house is quite pricey, but it's very fast!

6. Blair's Bazaar
Blair's Bazaar sells handmade accessories, and their signature products are their bracelet sets and feather earcuffs. All accessories they made are exclusively limited, only one piece/set for every design. They also accept special orders by customer's request. I own TWO sets of their signature bracelet sets, one of them is special order.

7. TwentySeven Shop
My favorite place to shop ELF products! She sells ELF for quite low prices, although she demands a minimum order for each brands she offers.

They are all my favorite stores! I hope this will help you finding a good store <3


**DISCLAIMER : This post IS NOT a sponsored post. I wrote this post purely based on my experience shopping with those shops. I tried to be honest and as objective as I can.

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