Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hi, folks!!
Been quite long time I didn't post anything. ><

My country, having the largest Muslim population in the world, is now on holiday season. All of us, starting from students, labor workers until office employees are having quite long holiday. Full-week holiday!

Although it's kinda late, but allow me to say this :
Have a great celebration!

And... since my boyfriend also got a nice full-week holiday too, so I spent this holiday play, play, and play!
I spent almost everyday hanging out with him and also with my friends and family.
I spent all my holidays playing games at my house, hanging out and watch movies, go swimming, and visiting a new mall xDD
I got a really great quality times with all my beloved people. <3

However, due to hardcore fun I did, my health is a little bit dropped today. Luckily I didn't go anywhere, except driving my mom to the market. lol. Oh well, I hope I'll recover soon. :)

How was your holiday? Fun?
Tell me!

Reen <3

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